Look what I woke up to!

Lamora(4)August 10, 2012

I went outside to say "good morning my pretties" this morning and look what I found! I thought it was sooo pretty! What a great way to start the day.. :)

Will the colored leaves last long? this is a first for me.

Marjie :)

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The dark pink will eventually fade to a pale pink, then to white. I would think it tends to vary how long the color lasts, but I'd suspect you have at least a month or so before it fades (at least that seems to be how long the pink lasts on mine, perhaps by that time it's not as dark but they've still been pink). Congrats! I love the variegation on the Hoya 'Krimson Princess,' mine never ceases to make me smile. :)


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OH YES!! SMILES! even mom smiled at it, for her that is something. I love surprises and my plants are surprising me every day. Not knowing most plants and what they can/will do, learning something new, I'm loving it!

Still wondering what I am going to do this winter, everytime I think of someplace, my dear husband, puts something in its place!! lol Oh well, something will come up..

Thanks for the heads up tho, will not panic when the colors change and bug everyone about it.. hehe.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Maybe you should sleep more? LOL! Hanging plants is THE way to maximize space, IMO. I know you've said there's not many windows with good light there, may not help you out. Being able to wheel (it has wheels?) your cart outside on sunny days should help a lot, at least at the beginning and end of winter.

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purple~~ what is this thing you call "sleep"? I am going to have to look that one up and see what I am supposed to do... lol

Hanging them will prob be the way to go, been thinking on that too. I do have sort of a lighting system in here, sorta, shop light, I am hoping that will be enough for them. There is a little place in the kitchen I MAY be able to put a few plants in, but since it isnt our house, will have to talk to daddy about it, see if he is willing to let us put in a shelf or 2 there. We will come up with something.. we always do. :)


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Marjie..Discovering your fresh, colorful Hoya leaves must have been a surprise. A wonderful way to start the day.
A big difference growing plants outdoors vs inside.

What month do plants come inside there? Leave plants out as long as possible, but watch for those that are cold-sensitive.

Yep, something will come up. lol. Since you dad knows how much plants mean to you, he shouldn't be opposed to adding a shelf...Toni

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Hey Toni~ not sure what month they will be brought in. The weather here in late fall can change so drastically in 24 hrs. One day it will be in the 40's then the next will be snowing. I am hoping thru Sept. Been waking up to 60F these last few mornings.

When it starts to hit 40F at night, they will most likely be brought in, then taken outside during the day... maybe.

I have a small Green House, how cold can it get before I cannot use that? (no heat source)It is on the front porch, north facing.

This will be my first winter for most these plants, kinda, sorta scared about it if truth be told. (ok-- terrified is more like it) I would like them outside for as long as possible, but not to freeze.

I know most will go dormant, so not worried about that much, just want them again next year. ;)


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Mornin' Marjie,

Our temps are similar. Some nights have been in the 50's, way too cold for August.

It's 72F now...and they say Aug is the hottest month of the year..lol
The last few years, July beat August, big time. 100-104F.

Do you have a thermometer in your gh? It might be a little warmer, due to less wind, (no wind-chill) but not by much.
Our garage is unheated, so when temps are 5F outside, garage temps are the same minus wind, of course..lol.

Play it by ear. When temps dip in the 40's, then it's time to haul plants indoors.

Winter has changed. Last winter, except for 2 weeks, most plants could have stayed outside year round. No snow to speak of, either.

Don't be terried..I know, easier said than done. lol

As long as plants aren't over-watered, 'I withhold fertilizer, but some people continue,' and they get enough light to thrive, they'll do fine.
Does the air in your home get dry in winter?

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Thanks hopeful~~ Dry air?? hahaha- it gets so dry in this house that people choke! Not nearly enough moisture in here. Luckly we have a small humidfier that will be put to use in this room for the plants. Oh yes, we have dry air. lol.

and it has been a cooler summer for us too. right now it is just above 70*F and almost 11am. It is Aug... right? Last week this time we were in the 90's-- strange....

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