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alaizabelle(9a ?)August 4, 2010

I've got tons of houseplants, but some of them I don't know what they are! Most are rescue plants in various stages of recovery, so please excuse some of their sad looking states!

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alaizabelle(9a ?)

This is a plant that I got from my great grandma, she has had it for years. I've been struggling with finding what it likes, but it has recently put out three new shoots of leaves. What is it?

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alaizabelle(9a ?)

This little guy was drowning on a clearance shelf, so I had to bring him home! He's grown a few new leaves since then.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Have no ID, but am guessing it could use more light. Also, I'd cut off that single tall branch, maybe try to root it.

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alaizabelle(9a ?)

This is another of my great grandma's plants, and I love this one! It grows so well, it's huge!

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alaizabelle(9a ?)

This has 4 plants in it, two are green leafed, two variegated. I had to trim the tips of most of the leaves when I got it, since they were all browning. The variegated ones have some brown spots on their leaves?

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The first one might be a gold dust plant in the dracaena family.
The 2nd could be a jade in the crassula family. Lots of sun, don't overwater.
The 3rd is a chinese evergreen aka aglaonema, it'll almost grow in a closet. Low light plant.
The 4 not sure, but the brown tips can be overwatering, underwatering or from your water. Let your water sit out overnight in an open container.

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#1 looks like Dracaeana godseffiana to me. I believe you can cut the long stems to make it back bud and bush out.
#2 looks like Crassula arborescens or Silver Dollar Jade to me. Like gobluedjm said, lots of sun (I have mine in full) and don't overwater.
#3 I agree with gobluedjm on Aglaonema.
#4 looks like Dracaena deremensis (solid green leaves) and Draceana deremensis Yellow Stripe (variegated leaves). Brown tips could also be a high level of soluble salts in the soil due to overfertilizing or the soil not being leeched (pouring water into the soil until it drains freely from the drainage holes) regularly.

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