Variegated Monstera deliciosa

karyn1(7a)August 5, 2012

Hi. My Variegated Monstera deliciosa only shows variegation on every other leaf. The first couple times I just thought it was a coincidence but it always happens. A solid green leaf followed by a variegated leaf. Is there some reason for this? The plant is healthy and growing well.

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Hey Karen....How you doing?

Wish I had an answer for ya, but haven't the foggiest.

Is the newest leaf variegated or green?

Have a pic to share? Toni

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randy_e(z9b FL)

I've got one that does the same thing... sometimes every 3-4 leaves.

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Hi Toni. All is well. How are you doing? Randy I'm glad to hear that mine isn't the only one that does this. I figured I'd get the occasional solid green leaf, but like clock work, it's every other one. Interestingly all have variegated stems, regardless if the leaf shows any variegation. The leaf that unfurled yesterday is variegated. I don't think I have any pics. When it stops raining I'll take one.

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There is a mixture of white and green variegated tissue in that Monstera. In your case they are pretty well probably see a white strip on the stem on one side....the same sideyou are getting the variegation on. You will get the most consistent variegation on the plants that have the most marbling....where every leaf has a marbled mix of green and white. However, by nature this time of variegated chimera is "unstable".....the looks of each new leaf or new branch will depend on the mixture of white and green cells where the bud orginated.
I started with a plant like yours. After it grew a bit I cut up the stem into nodes with one leaf for propagation. Each grew a new stem. Most were green but one originated from where the white and green came a little better variegation. I grew that one, tossed the rest and repeated. At that point I got one that came out from the green and white and had a better and more consistent mixture of green and white. I ahve bee growing the latter every since! I try to remove any branches that become too white and/or too green.
BTW, this is a fun plant and one of my favorites!!

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