Any ideas on what to do with old ceramic tiles?

jeaniMarch 28, 2008

I got several old ceramic floor tiles from my neighbor when they re-did their kitchen floor. I've used several under large plants but I still have about 7 more. Any ideas what I could do with them in the garden? They are white in color.

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Break them up and use them for mosaics. You can make some pretty cool stepping stones. Or, if you're a pretty good artist (even if your're not!) you could paint on them or stencil on them and lay them in your garden or hang them on a shed.

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kudzukween(8 MS)

If you have a table that the glass broke out of,you could make a plywood top and mosaic it with the tiles. Or put it on any table top! LOL

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I've got a couple of tiles that I use as trivets to protect counters and tabletop.

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Frizzle(z6 PA)

I just had a big pile donated to my school for use in a huge mural art project!

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my one sister took extras from my other sister and placed them in an area of my Moms backyard. They form an extension of her already existing concret patio and look great! I took old plates and dishes and broke up, mosaiced to a terrra cotta pot and saucer. all I need to do is finish grouting and sealing hten I can put it in the garden.Whatever you end up doign pleas post a picture for us to see.

Love, Jules

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

i have seen them laid on their side as edging like they do with bricks.

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jeani, how about making a glass totem and using the tile as a base for it? Or better yet, send to me to use (LOL).

Please let us know what you decide to do and yes, provide pictures.

Ms. Faith

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