callisia fragrans

sunshine_mom(6)August 9, 2014

Hi everyone. I've read some postings in search for information on this beautiful plant, but still have questions. I've had my callisia for 6 years given to me by my mother who had it for many years too. It's been growing well and this year has been doing the best. It let out many new shoots and such. However, in the past few weeks it has lost it's bright dark green color and many leaves turn a bit yellowish, as well as the texture has became not as plump. I have a feeling it might need repotting or stem cutting to renew itself, but I'm so not sure where to go with that. There's no information online or youtube on this plant. I'm afraid to damage the strong part of this plant, which it has. If I were to repot it, I'm not sure of the soil choice, since I'm not even sure what type of soil it has been living in for so many years successfully. Perhaps someone can give me a boost of confidence on how to treat my callisia further into fall and winter months, so that next spring it is happy and strong :) Thanks.

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