Gilder's Paste? Hmmm. Eureka! uh-oh

a.girl.named.max(4a)March 30, 2011

I was just over at the kitchen forum. (I'm in the middle of a very painful whole house makeover.)

Anyhow, I discovered a link to Gilder's Paste. Has anyone used this on garden art, garden pots, fairy figurines, etc?

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It sounds just like Rub n Buff . As for using it ... it REALLY looks nice . It's like the icing on the cake. It gives awesome highlights & Lowlights. Michaels has Rub n Buff in alot of different colors. I'd suggest trying a tube .... you'll like it !

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Yes, It sounds like Rub n Buff. Does it hold up outside? I have some old cast iron planters that I'm thinking of spray painting and then adding some highlights. I also have some resin angels and fairies. Do think that will work?

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I never used it outside .... but it seems permanent once it's on. I think it would do okay .

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I have a homemade ceremic piece that was given to me, and it was done in rub n buff. It was outside for over a year, and was fine. I put it in storage for hurricane weather, and it has not been put back outside. I forgot about it-LOL

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