Which Strelitzia is this??

subtropixAugust 23, 2013

Was always confused by this one. I know the Giant Bird of Paradise (S. nicolae) and S. reginae. What is this one in the photo? I know it is not nicolae (which I also have), but it looks different from any other reginae I have had! It is faster growing and more robust (very vigorous). Are tree hybrids between these two species?

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Could be a relative Tavelers palm Ravenala madagascarensis also there is one s. american relative but is very rarely seen. There are also many hybrids of strelitzia there is also another species so called leafless BOP but leaves are unmistakeable being cylindrical
my guess would be travelers palm they get at least 30 feet even forming a trunk. very hard to tell the hybrids apart when young . gary

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Gary, definitely not Traveler's. I know Traveler's. growth is not all in one plane as in that species. I tried Traveler's a few times--much more difficult. They have a very high light requirement (hard inside in Winter). This one is easy. It literally looks like something between nicolai and reginae. But would HD be selling hybrids?! Maybe it is just a good, robust strain of reginae.

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