GS finds & LOTS of Freebies :)

dollydee(7-MS)March 16, 2011

So DH and I went back Saturday to take down the rest of the arbor. While he was doing that, I hit a couple of GS and picked up all the glassware for $6. I love the purple glass & plates. Found the shepherd's hook for $2. When I got back, one of the guys from the estate sale co. was there digging up landscaping stones. The house is in foreclosure, so they had been selling everything! He told me if there were any bushes, etc. that I wanted to take it. Big MISTAKE...LOL

The other pics are all the free stuff I got. I wrestled the black trellis out from under a large grapevine, dug up 4 bushes & a vine, got some groundcover, & potted plants, 60 red landscaping bricks. There were more of the tan ones, but DH wouldn't let me get any more, between the load of lumber on the trailer & the load I had in the back of my 4WD truck, it was sitting up in the air in the front. On the way home he had to drive 40 to keep it in the road...LOL

I potted up all the bushes, etc, until we get moved.


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My goodness! You made a wonderful haul. You were in the right place at the right time! Lucky you! Marylee

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You are "Queen of the GJ junking forum"!! What a haul! Love the frog & nice plants. Have you got a house lined up you will be moving into soon? Great start to your gardens & arbor/deck. Those concrete pieces look really heavy & will look wonderful in your garden, nice glass pieces too. You must be on cloud 9! Jan

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WOWZER!!! You made the big haul of the week!! Lucky you. I have a cement with the swirls as in the 10th picture. Don't know if you know what it's previous life was, mine was a leg to a cement bench. The top part got broken and the other leg was broken too badly to salvage. I was thinking it would be very pretty mosaiced, but was kinda scared it would be hard to mosaic all those curves and maintain the look. I like the frog and you did really good with getting some nice starter plants as well.

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Marlene Kindred

YOU are one lucky woman! What a haul! Great finds and plants to go Dolly!

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So sad for someone that it was a foreclosure...but am happy that you were able to rescue some plants & bushes ...along w/great GJ...they will have a new home & not be in a weedbed for some time!

That arbor is quite wonderful & so is the shepherd's hook...good luck w/your move! Keep sharin' pics as you make your new place yours! (please). Jeanne S.

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Wow!! Jealous!!! How lucky all of those things and plants have found a place in such artistic hands!!

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Yes, their house being foreclosed was the downside. But I didn't dare leave those things to be dumped out on the curb to wind up in the landfill!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I can't believe you went junking while you yourself are moving! You must never get tired!
I'm glad you were able to save all that good stuff.

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Glad you were able to salvage such wonderful things! You will definitely have to post pictures once you are settled in your new home. It looks like you will have plenty of material for totems and plate flowers. I love your cement pieces and all your plants! It is good to see that some brightness came out of someone else's tragedy. I'm sure they had big plans for those things and will probably be grateful they went to a good home.

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

Dolly, you are a girl after my own heart. I would have made a second trip if necessary ( if it was a reasonable distance). What awesome stuff. The landscaping stones are wonderful. The arbor and sheppard hook are to die for. You go girl!

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Great finds!!!!!

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OH! What else can I add...Just DITTO to All the comments!

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sorie6(6b ok.)

WOW can't wait to see what you do with it all in your new place.. You are super woman!!

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