getting ready for next year

wiringman(ZONE 4)October 20, 2009

first i need to take down all my trellises.

next i need to weed wack the garden and put the waist in the compost heap.

the only things i wil have in the grown over winter ar garlic and rhubarb.

we got about 2 ton of old coal. we are going to build a green house and get a ton of new coal because old coal will burn better along with new coal. them we are going to build a heater room to keep the green house warm.

i have a lot to do between now and planting time.

we have a local dairy that make window compost with his feed lot waist and sawdust. with that and shredded leaves and grass clippings we are going to improve our soil this winter.

next month is seed order time for next year.

we need to lay our where we are going to grow potatoes, corn and where we are going to put the grow boxes.

we need to plow, disc adn till our fields before it freezes.

we need to put the 40' container in the ground.

we still have a lot of tomatoes to can and onions to dry and kraut to make.

there is a lot to do.


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That is some work. Inspires me to do more and not grumble about the little I do in the yard.

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Sure! You sound like an old farmer(GRIN). The rest of us have just a small plot to garden(LOL). I , myself, have maybe around 1000 sq.ft all together. I just have an old worn out showel and a rake. Everything is done by raw "MANPOWER".
Still WIth 1000 sq.ft I will be busy adding fall leaves, burriying them under soil(to keep my coworkers, erarthworm) busy too. My soil is mostly toward acid side so I will be burning a lot of wood in my fireplace and returning the ashes to garden to bring the PH up a little.
Of course, Wood ash other than being a good source of Potassium, is also a soil sweetener.
I will be harvestin and enjoying(I hope) my fall crop (Chinese radish, cabage, chards, garlics, parsley, kohlrabies... snd maybe some lettuce too.

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bejay9_10(zone 9/10)

Whee - next year is already here. In So. Cal., we are busy, busy planting our early SPRING crops - getting the early cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, bok choi, garlic and onions in while the weather is still mild and the tiny plants have a chance to harden a bit.

Our temps rarely go below 50's, but still need to plant cool weather lovers now. My snow/snap peas are 2 inches tall, and garlic about 3 inches. I think my winter crops are much easier to grow, because the soil doesn't dry out as fast as in summer heat, and we don't work as hard trying to mulch or find shade on an as-needed basis.

Still - I'm running my old compost shredder to start new piles brewing, and pruning back over-growth that is providing too much shade with the sun now getting low to the south.

This type of gardening fits my lifestyle a bit better. I doubt that I could do it where seasons are intense but short, even though I wouldn't mind more natural rainfall to help with the watering chore, and dealing with acid soils might be easier than sandy, alkaline ones - dunno tho. Our present water shortage - and 3 day rationing schedule - is a bit worrisome, but I still love it all.


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lantanascape(z6 Idaho)

I am slowly chipping away at the fall chores. I got a little Harbor Freight greenhouse and set it up last weekend. Got the hoops for the hoop house up, but accidentally bought black plastic instead of clear, so I need to go back to the store and get that fixed. Ooops.

Tomatoes and peppers are torn out, the cabbages and root crops have been in for several weeks, and I'll start more lettuces and root crops in containers in the greenhouse soon. The trellises and tomato cages are all taken down and stored away.

There's more drip line to pull out and store away, compost piles to build, and general detritus strewn about that needs to be cleaned up. I'm thinking of fitting some 1/2" hardware cloth over the opening on my shop vac and going out there and vacuuming to get scraps out from the lava rock, LOL.

True to form, I still haven't planted my garlic, and that needs to be done ASAP. If only I didn't have to work full time to support my gardening habit...

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