Pothos tiny leaves

pinkiemarie(5)August 11, 2012

I took some cuttings from a plant at my mom's house that had been SEVERELY neglected. I put them in water with the intention of growing them permanently in water. Some sections of plant were 10 inches long with not a single leaf, but within just a few weeks I've already got new leaf growth. The leaves are very pretty and healthy looking but tiny. Could they just be so small because the plant hadn't sprouted roots yet, or is there something else I need to be doing for water-grown pothos? They have moderate light, the water is changed once a week and I put in just a few drops of liquid food.

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Looking good to me. I almost killed my mom's plant earlier this summer.(stupid me) Same as you, bare vines and all. Now she is growing new leaves. Yes tiny ones, and yes. it took all this time for her to start coming out of it.. tho her's is in a pot. If she is growing new leaves in just a few weeks, I wouldn't worry much about her, just give her some time to adjust. Bet you 5-1 she will come around real nice.

funny-- I just asked about plants in water just now.

Marjie :)

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sorry about the double take, not sure what happened-- /sigh

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Lol, no problem :) Glad to hear yours is perking up too!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

You might be interested in a recent discussion and/or the pictures in it, of the HUGE pothos leaves some people have!!

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Oh my goodness! Those are amazing! Thanks for pointing me there...I'm new and I'm still figuring out how to navigate this forum (it's enormous) so I'm not finding some of the cool stuff like that. Thanks again!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Yeah, it was shocking and cool news to me, too. Who knew this mild-mannered house plant had that potential?

Does it make you want to grow your plant upright, on a support?

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I'll admit the thought did cross my mind! I'm afraid that my ceilings aren't high enough and my climate is too dry and cold for those kind of results, but I could probably do better than the 2 inch leaves I'm getting!

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Hi Pink Marie. What do you consider moderate light?

I've kept Pothos in water about 15-yrs, 'no fertilizer.' One is on the shelf in the kitchen adjacent a north window. Which is basically low light.
A second is on a wall shelf, 10' or so from west windows, and a third is sitting on a table 12' from south windows.
None get direct sun.

However, there are times lights, 'standard light bulbs,' are on in 'X' rooms. Not plant lights, just standard bulbs, to light up the room. I believe any light helps.

How long is the cutting? Can you start over, cut in 4-inch pieces? Toni

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Hopeful, the stem in question is on a little end table against a wall about 15 feet from a southern exposure window but that's still pretty low light. It also gets some light from a light about 5 feet away that comes on every day on a timer for some other plants. Can't really start over. It's about 6 inches long and came off a neglected plant. I'm hoping the next set of leaves get the memo. IDK what to do other than wait it out lol

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Marie, guess that's all you can do. Wait! lol.

Pothos are semi-slow-growers anyway. And now with shorter days..............
Although Pothos can be rooted anytime of year, they root faster from spring on.

Too bad your cutting is only 6" long..although, you'd be surprised how well 3" cuttings root. As long as there are nodes.

Growing plants needs patience. Sometimes it seems certain plants take forever to root/grow, but once they do, look out...lol..Good luck, Toni

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Do you think it's better to use distilled water? We've got really hard water and I've already got permanent crusties in the containers at the top of the water line after only about a month.

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Distilled water~~ seems like that is where I am headed with all my plant now. Used to be just for my Spider Plants, but finding out that all the plants like it better. Our water is very hard here too. Good for drinking tho, taste good and everything, but it has a lot added to it that plants do not like.

I have so many gallon jugs, and we don't have any of those water dispencers that give filtered/distilled water..

I was wondering of boiling the tap water would be as good as distilled? Anyone know?
Marjie :)


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Pinkie, we have awful problems with lime deposits getting on stuff too. CLR doesn't do much. Anything I want to use to hold cuttings I know I can't use for anything else again and my vases all look terrible. Changing the water often only seems to prolong the effects, not eliminate. Very frustrating indeed.

Distilled water is collected steam from boiling water, so stuff that can't evaporate (like lime) would still be in the boiled water, in even higher concentrations after losing some of the H2O to steam. Distilled has no lime.

Could you catch some rain in a bucket? I caught over 25 gallons of water recently in some strategically-placed 5-gallon buckets, and in my plastic yard cart. I'm going to save plastic milk jugs to store it next time (if it actually does rain again.) I had to get rid of a lot of it quicker than I wanted because of mosquito larvae. Cool to know that many were killed instead of hatching in some other water though!! If any wigglers are in the jugs, the lids will prevent them from escaping if they mature. Nothing I've ever tried comes close to rain water (which also doesn't have lime in it, I think...)

Fifteen feet from a window is enough for survival but the growth will be slower, with longer distance between nodes. Something to grow on seems to be a common denominator in getting significantly bigger leaves on vines. Check out Klin's pics on June 5 in this discussion. The support post is not very tall but the leaves are impressively large to me.

Between her Pothos leaves and the much bigger leaves my Philodendron started making after climbing such a short distance up the Dracaena, I was very inspired and motivated to pot up some of these as uprights instead of hanging trailers. Agreed, our potted plants aren't going to make the giant leaves of a tropically-located vine growing up a real big tree, but I can't wait to see what does happen. All of my plants must be able to fit through the door to come inside for the winter, too. That little white metal thing (in a pic on the discussion I linked) is only about 30" high, a little higher than this Philo had managed to get up the little tree's trunk (pictured in linked discussion.)

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jessiec777(Washington State 5)

I just took on a few cuttings of a philodendron my mom had in water for years on a dark little shelf. The vines and leaves are tiny! She bought another of the same species, but it has normal sized leaves and vines. I didn't even realize they were the same species! I planted the cuttings up in a hanging basket in my kitchen window along with a few cuttings off of the other. I hope the little guys take a hint and bulk up lol

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