Skin Burning Sensation

saoodhashimOctober 20, 2013

Beginning with container gardening on roof top of my apartments, I have become exposed to more sun that I usually was. Coupled with the intense sun of Saudi Arabia's desert climate, I am beginning to feel that whenever I go out in the sun evening early morning - as early as 7am - 8am, i feel this slight burning sensation on my face and hands. While this goes off in less than a day or max a day but I am just thinking how to overcome this? I can stay out of sun from 9 am onwards but not before that.

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There are many medicines that can make a person photo sensitive, it's quite common. Also many plant juices can do it, lime juice is terrible for sunburns. And me,I'm just sensitive. I keep a big hat and gloves at the door to the garden so I have the habit of grabbing them whenever I step outside

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That is one thing. If you have been sunburned, just getting exposed to sunlight will give you a reaction, even if it is 7pm light, with no UV component (due to the shallow sun angle). Or it could be Omega 3 deficiency, my resistance to sunlight has become ten times better since I eliminated seed oils and started eating only meat that was grass fed.

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