Help with a Stephanotis

beetle_2007(3)August 31, 2011

Hi Everyone,

I have a Stephanotis plant that stayed outside all summer. I believe it has set flowers, and my question is When do I bring it inside, and under what conditions? [what light does it need, and temps] Really appreciate some help with this lovely plant :)

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Hi Beetle. Congrats on the flowers..I thought Stephanotis only bloomed in spring..hmm.

Place in very bright light. Preferably cooler temps. Cooler meaning under 70F, but no lower than 60F. Especially since it's been outdoors. Also, adapting would probably be a good idea. A little less light per day until it's ready to be brought in for winter.

Hope someone has an answer whether or not you should fertilize. Got my Steph in 1989, but it's never bloomed, lol, so don't want to give advice whether or not fertilizer should be used when in bud, or this time of year.

Is your Steph green or variegated? Toni

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Hi Toni :)

Thanks, [they are little nubs at quite a few nodes, so I hope they are flowers! LOL) I'll try for a pic of some . Thanks so much for the advice, and I will try to keep it a tad cooler.

Its just a regular solid green Steph, almost looks like a Hoya.

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Took a few pics of her :

These lil nubbins are all over the plant :) [at least eight or so sets] Thanks for looking :)

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NUBBINS. Definitely looks like flower nodes.
Also, it's a very pretty plant you have. :)

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Beetle, wow, your Steph is very pretty. And yes, the little nubs are buds.

Did your bring your Steph indoors because of weather or another reason? Is it too cold there?

Perhaps you should have left it in the same spot until buds opened???? Toni

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Thanks so much! ,Yup, it is dropping to about 4C, so I figured not to risk frost. Its in a cool, bright spot right now, and I may stick it under some florescent light [in a northern, cool room. Hopefully the flower buds won't blast :)

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