My Veggie plant leaves are yellowing and dying off

gigi.thomasOctober 13, 2013


Im new to veggie gardening and im already running into troubles. I have made my own self watering containers (similar to earth boxes) and my plants kicked off well.

Now im facing these problems:

1) my gourds leaves are turning yellow and dying from bottom up (snake gourd and bitter grourd)
2) my Okra leaves are turning yellow from bottom up and falling. Also my okra leaves are having yellow tiny spots all over
3) my beans leaves are curling and leaves are pale.
4) one of my beans plant is having white spots

Please find pics attached. please help me :)

Thanks a ton


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I have absolutely no idea what a self-watering container is but from the sound of it it is not really something for someone new to gardening. I hope others in this forum could help you out.

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My overall guess would be a nutrient balance , likely nitrogen deficiency issue as this could cause the issue of yellowing of the gourd leaves and the yellowing of your okra too. For the beans if the leaves are pale this could also explain it.
I would add nitrogen rich compost material like coffee grounds, egg shells etc
The spots on the beans i am not sure, is it like a mildew spot?

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That photo doesn't look like normal nitrogen deficiency to me. I think it may be a potassium or micro-nutrient deficiency. I'm just guessing without knowing more about what they're growing in.

The beans sound to me like aphids and spider mites. check the underside of the spotted leaves for small red arachnids. My bitter melons took a long time to do much of anything but the weather warmed up for the past couple of months and I have fruit bursting all over now.

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annew21 (zone 7b NC)(7b NC)

You might want to direct your question to the container garden forum.

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