Should I repot a Maranta Prayer Plant?

thuddleston446(TN 7)August 10, 2005

My DH gave me this plant a few months ago (at the time I thought it was a little silly looking, but Ive become quite fond of it now!)

It seems quite happy, has been growing gangbusters since Ive had it, it is close to twice the size it was just a few months ago! .. but it seems as if it may be a bit too crowded in that little pot. I was going to pot it up a size, but Im afraid to upset it and stop this wonderful growth! Any thoughts? Is it likely to stop growing if I repot, or will it continue as it is now?

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Thuddle, that is one beautiful Maranta..It looks like its pot size is 4" this correct?
Are there any roots sticking out of the drainage holes? The thing is, if you keep in this pot, once winter comes and heat is turned on, you're going to watering more often than not..You can probably get by by using a large saucer, and keeping filled w/water..
Sometimes when a plant is repotted its growth halts..and now that winter's approaching, growth will slow down anyway..It's usually advised to repot in spring, but I repot yr round if I feel a plant won't make it during winter..Is it a 4" pot? Toni

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thuddleston446(TN 7)

Its actually in a 3 1/2" pot, I normally have it double potted in a ceramic 4 1/2" pot - that's what I was thinking was to put it straight in the 4 1/2 without double potting. It does have atleast one root coming out a drain hole, atleast 1" long.
All in all, its a very happy plant - so I hate to disrupt it now :)

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Thuddle, that is a small pot..If you do repot, 4 1/2-5" would be best..If you want to wait till spring, that should be fine, but my concern is watering in winter. Though I allow marantas/cals/ctenthes to dry a 'bit' between waterings, especially in winter. you don't want yours to dry out too much..Has your flowered yet? They look nice w/cute little white flowers..Mist and mist again..these plants love humidity..Toni

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I'm with Toni here all the way. That is one absolutely gorgeous Prayer plant. It's the definition of healthy. You are obviously doing something right with it.

They do have cute little flowers that bloom. It's somewhat of a 'thank you for the great care you're giving me' type of blooming.

If you decide to pot up right now, Toni's right. Don't pot up too much, just a little bigger. The Prayer plant has a small root system and can easily succumb to root rot. Since the active growing season is slowly coming to an end, if you can wait until after the winter to repot, maybe it's better. Your Prayer plant probably won't grow very much in the winter time either way.

And humidity lovers they are! The more humidity, the happier the plant is.

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thuddleston446(TN 7)

This may be what Im doing right with it.. I read that they love humidity and I spray it a couple times every week - I haven't seen it bloom yet, but I havent had it for too long either. I think I will go ahead and repot into the 4 1/2", otherwise winter may be a little too hard with it - its already getting difficult to keep it moist. Wish me luck!
Thanks for the help!

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Thuddle, prayer plants can bloom in are ignificant, but cute nonetheless.
I'm stll looking for the rabbit-foot prayer plant..I see the one you and I have, Cathredial Windows, but not the other..Wonder if anyone sells it anymore..

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thuddleston446(TN 7)

I've been wanting one of those aswell, I have seen them on ebay occasionally but always seem to miss the auction. I've never seen them in my local area though.

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Thuddle, both Maranta's used to be common here in IL..I could go to the grocery store and find them sitting on a display shelf..In fact, I got my prayer plant in July for came in a 4" pot. 2 wks ago it bloomed, but not only one stem w/flowers. Anyway, for some reason, many plants that were local are no longer available..Rhoeo is one, (moses in th cradle)..Everyone used to see that plant, and now it's difficult locating. Well, I've both the variegated and plain purple, but it took yrs finding it.
I'm sure one day it'll be around, then I'll buy my grocery store sells more tropical plants in winter than in summer..Toni

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seaecho1(SW CA)

Marantas are one of my very favorites of all my houseplants. I've had them for many years. Mist it every morning, not just twice a week! They are the cutest plants, in my opinion. I can't imagine being without one. Yours looks like the variety that has some purple in it. There is also a variety that is all green with just the chocolate spots (my favorite). Oh, and I'm curious . . . what is that plant in the background? I can't figure out what it is, and its sure a cutie!


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thuddleston446(TN 7)

I didnt realize I could spray it that much, I definitely will now though.. this one is starting to become one of my favorites for sure! The one in the background is a young variegated clivia miniata - I bought a couple of those from an ebay seller in china~ Had to be a cutie to go to that much trouble to get them! :)

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Thuddle, the more you mist the better..
Awww, a variegated Clivia..I've been searching for one a long time..In fact, ordered seeds from Parks, in Feb, which haven't arrived..
Do you know if the guy in China has any more? I don't want to pay 100+ for a cutting like those I've seen for sale...Toni

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thuddleston446(TN 7)

Toni.. I dont see any of his on there now, but he has them fairly often I think. The seller is cliviadodo.. it takes a month or more to receive the plants, but they arrived in good shape, he packages very well. They usually go for between $15 - $20 for a small one like mine, plus a bit to ship.. all in all I thought it was pretty reasonable.

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Thuddle, thanks ever so much..I'll check out his site..I can wait a
There was a site called Clivia Creations, but prices were extremely high..over 100.00..I can't afford that for sure..Thanks again..Toni

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Thuddle, would you happen to have his website?
btw, how's the prayer plant doing? Toni

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thuddleston446(TN 7)

Toni.. I've never seen a plant I liked enough to pay $100 for it... Not to mention, my hubby wouldn't be very happy with me either! LOL
This is the sellers website.. ... he probably sells them cheaper on ebay though, one of his auctions said that he will have more in September.
The prayer plant has definitely slowed down on growth since I repotted, but thats okay, I think the winter will be easier this way - it was just way too cramped in that little pot!
Good luck on getting your clivia!

Here is a link that might be useful: Clivia Website

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Thuddle..thanks so very much..
Do you mind if I ask what you paid for yours? What about shipping? Wait till Sept????? LOL
No, I wouldn't pay 100.00 for a plant either, unless I won the BIG lotto..I don't think dh would be a happy camper,
It's best you repotted your maranta..Don't forget, once the heat goes on, to set plant atop a larger saucer w/pebbles to help maintain humidity..
I want the variegated clivia sooo bad, but prices are rather high, still they're cheaper than clivia creations. 22.00 isn't terribly bad, but they're such slow-gowing plants. What size pot is your Clivia in? Toni

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thuddleston446(TN 7)

Toni.. I've got 2 clivias, I dont think I paid more than $25 for either (with shipping). I wanted one sooo bad, that I got 2 just incase I didnt make it with one! *chuckle* (My DH didnt understand my reasoning with this :)
I think I would wait till September and keep an eye out for his ebay auctions - you can find a deal there sometimes! I think he just stops shipping this time of year because of the heat.
Both of mine are in 4" pots, one has grown fairly good, (sprouted a new 1 1/2" leaf in the last month or two)The other doesn't show as much sign of new growth.
I just love the clivias, they are some of my favorites (next to my prayer plant of course! :)

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Thuddle, that's not bad..there were some variegated Clivia's that were past my budget. Do u know what name he goes under on Ebay? I'll have to check..I love the varigated, too..Actually, my green one is in a 10" pot but needs to go a step up..I almost lost that plant when I had in the gh and the heater went out on the coldest night of the yr..I really lost a lot of leaves..I'll never do that again..Now it stays indoors..They're too expsnive and sentimental to lose. So, please let me know what this guy goes under on Ebay..thanks..Toni

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thuddleston446(TN 7)

Toni.. the sellers name on ebay is cliviadodo. A clivia in a 10" pot.. that must be a beauty! I hope I do well enough with mine to see them get that big! I could probably find the sellers email address from my orders, if you'd like it email me.

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I see from this posting that I have done everything wrong on my beautiful prayer plant when I tried to repot it - definitely not enough water and never misted it. Now I am down to two leaves on the plant and one is looking pretty sad around the edges. It is in a huge pot with other plants and I want to rescue it and hope to revive it. HELP! How should I do this?

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Thuddle, I just noticed your response to me..right now I've 3 clivias and 3 or 4 baggy and pots w/Clivia seeds..I think I'd best stop..they get big..
Thuddle, I started my oldest Clivia from seed in 1982 so it's, what, 34 yrs took that long to fit in a 10" pot..but u know the problem? I repotted last yr, and it's true what they say..Clivia bloom best when far I don't see any buds like I normally would this time of yr. So, I'm thinking it might not bloom or if it does won't until late summer. In all the yrs I've had it I only repotted 3 or 4 times since reading they don't like their roots disturbed..I agree now. I enclosed a pic of my Clivia since repotting in a 10" pot.

Dove, I replied to your thread about the prayer plant problem. Toni

Here is a link that might be useful: RE: Should I repot a Maranta Prayer Plant?

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Here's a pic of mine. Its old. This particular plant was transplanted from a 20 year old plant. (wow im getting old). The markings are faded and unimpressive. It did have flowers. I had it in a west window that gets indirect light until about 2 then direct until 8ish this time of year. I figured the light was lightening my leaves and the markings, so i moved it to an east window that gets a bit of direct in the AM but lots of indirect. Long story short, my flowers closed up. how can i bring them back? Just watering?

Here is a link that might be useful: Prayer Plant

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Sly, a cute plant..Have the days been cloudy? I notice flowers on my prayer plant open on sunny days. They automatically close at night or cloudy days. Toni

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My flowers opened back up. They are kind of off and on. any ideas on bringing back any color or pattern into the leaves? Some of the new ones are blank! :(

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Sly, how much light is your prayer plant getting? humidity? Even though Maranta's don't need direct sun, bright light helps, (new leaves,) gain color. Ever notice when we buy plants from a nursery, how colorful and compact they are? Most often, plants are shipped from sunny, humid Fl..the longer we grow plants, especially if we're in cold, dry climates, our plants look drab after a few yrs. I mist religiously and truly think it helps..but that's just my opinion. Toni

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i think you are right. I moved them to an east window that gets lilttle driect but tons of indirect. it has perked up a bit. ill wait for new leaves and more colors. i think regardless of where i put it, it needs to sit in one place. they seem to be comfort plants.

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Ok i need Your help on this one, I picked up a maranta a few weeks ago...its big with dark green ontop and under its beetroot red.. the leaves feel better than my suade jacket!

problem! The leaves have started to turn inwards and yellow then brown and die. So it doesnt get direct or bright light it seems to sit in the shade very well with no problem but im completely confused when it comes to watering, it was bone dry tonight so i watered it! the healthy leaves look just that,healthy! and smooooth! thou one has turned yellow already whats goingggg onnn? this is such a stunning plant wish i had pictures but help meeeeeee! i've lost about 4 leaves already!

thank you muchhhh

niki XxX

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