Russian Melhior silverware - looking for ideas

briergardener_gwMarch 17, 2011

I have a set of big spoons, forks and table knifes made from Russian Melhior (copper/nickel/zinc). They look like silver, but became black exposed to air and water.

Any idea what to do with them?

Can i drill holes in them? If yes, what drill should i use?

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Marlene Kindred


Any way you could post a picture? We love pictures here on the GJ forum! I'm thinking that if they are regular silverware size (as in tableware size), then you could use them on windchimes or you can make plant markers out of them too. Do a search on the GJ forum for those two items and you'll see quite a few there. Kirkus does some wonderful windchimes with silverware and Jeannespines has made gorgeous plant markers...they will most likely post on your question!

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I was thinking about windchimes, but don't know how to drill holes. I can't post pictures right now, but they are of regular silverware size. I'll check plant markers, though i prefer items to be more visible.

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I would bet that some of your neighbors, or friends have a drill and drill bits. They would be happy to help you if they do. After you finish your project, spray it with a clear spray finish to keep it from turning black.

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