not too smart!

indigosunshineMarch 1, 2014

Had surgery on my foot yesterday so I have been collecting tin cans to make a rusty sculpture for my garden while I'm laid up. Got everything collected and set up.......uh in the basement! Underestimated the skill to get down there on crutches! Gee, how dumb is that?!? Guess I'll have to wait until I'm into the boot and no crutches. Thank goodness for all the fun sites on the Net!
Think spring everyone!

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LOL, well at least you can start a new collection of cans:) stay warm and don't gather to many have to do things on the net... hugssss GeeMee2

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Oh no! Well they will be there waitig for you. And you'll have all kinds of new ideas when you get to them.
I hope you heal quickly and can get down there soon.

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Marlene Kindred

That sounds SO like something I would have done! Hope you have a quick recovery. Careful going down stairs with a boot on as well...they're a lot bigger than you may think. Meantime, enjoy surfing the web.

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Better wear heavy gloves when you do get down there to work as don't want cuts from cans, rusty or otherwise!! Take that as a sign that you are supposed to take it easy after surgery!! Get Well then get going on your projects, not time for Spring Fever yet, few weeks away!! Stay off of black ice!! That stuff is awful. Wishing you a speedy recovery! Jan

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Rusty can project sounds interesting! But just think of how your list of new projects is going to grow as you surf the web!! Speedy recovery to you. Take it slow and heal well.

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I just started putting cans out to rust too.....(I hid most of it now!)
HOWEVER, 2 weeks age code enforcement came by and they didn't like what they saw on my porches and started looking around (nosy) and saw other things and told me what I could have an NOT. I had 10 days to'correct the problem'! Sure--I am a junker and collect things to use,but (laughing) I did not realize how much I DO have until I had to start moving it. I can hide a lot of stuff----and bring it out later. Did not throw much away---only stuff that I rusted enough that I can't use it. Got all the bottles in one place now and have enough green ones to make a bottle tree--also enough brown ones.....Don't really think they did me a favor but maybe a 'Little' one--grin
Pulled my collar-bone and rib out on place again--not totally-but enough to make it hurt, and now my left shoulder and arm are sore too from'over using' that side----

Did not throw my rusting cans away---I hid them under the house......
Am having trouble posting today--It does not want to back space or corrcet typing errors.......

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Thanks everyone for the well-wishes! I was feeling a tad sorry for myself this morning and now I feel a lot better! Made a gratitude comforting. Grateful for my GJ friends, you guys are the best!

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