How to cut CD's

pixie_louMarch 5, 2012

I've always hung old CD's outside - to keep the birds out of my strawberry patch and blueberry patch. But - they look like CD's hanging out there. I was thinking if I could cut them into interesting shapes, I could make some type of mobile. Thus having it look more like garden art than a bunch of CD's. But I've had no luck cutting CD's. I've tried scissors, razor knife, wire cutters. All I'm getting is cracked CD's. Has anyone done this successfully?

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heat your cds then cut with scissors if you have a heat gun just heat till soft and they will cut easy or if you have a toaster oven heat them till they get soft and cut hope this helps

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I wonder if tin snips might work?

Those things cut welded wire and chicken wire like nobody's business.

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marquest(z5 PA)

I do not know if you want to spend the money on expensive scissors but I used the heavy Fiskars Scissors and after putting them in the sun all day I sat down one evening on the patio and they cut very easy.

I had a old pair from my seamstress days. I do not even know if they make them this heavy anymore.

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