Curly Ferns

dawnginn(6)August 28, 2007

I was at a local nursery today and came across a curly fern. It looks just like a boston fern but the leaves are curly. I never heard of this before but I had to buy it. It's so cute!

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Hi Dawn, Do you have a pic of your new fern? How curly is it? It's not a fluffy Ruffle is it? Though these ferns don't resemble Bostons. Have a pic? Toni

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Hi Toni, The name of the plant is Nephrolepis Emina. The tag said "Curly Boston Fern" but some people call it Jester's Hat Fern. It grows upright and is a cousin to the Fluffy Ruffle. Here are some pics.

Here is a link that might be useful: Curly Fern

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Dawn, what a beautiful fern..never seen anything like it before..No wonder you came home w/a new'd have done the same..
Which window will you keep in winter? What about humidity? Is it high, med, low humidity? It's really gorgeous..Toni

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Toni, I'm going to assume it is probably high humidity although, I couldn't find any care information. I am going to try a north window and if it doesn't do well then I will move it to an east window. This is going to be a trial and error plant I'm sure. I just hope it does well.

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Dawn, I hope it works..It's a truly amazing fern.
I keep my 3 ferns in a north window and so far so good. In winter they sit on humidity trays. Daily misting, of course. And once a wk, (they're in the kitchen,) each are brought to sink and hosed off.
If you've a bright north it should do, but an east window will definatly be enough light. Not too bright nor dark.
Is your room heated? That's the problem w/winter and gas heat. It's way too dry.
Have you tried a search on Google? I guess that site is frequently used when an unknown plant cannot be ID'd from ppl here on GW..
Speaking of humidity, and this is just my opinion..I believe thicker-leaf ferns don't need as much humidity as thinner leaves. I'm not saying they don't require humidity, because I've yet to see a fern that doesn't..But it seems like some ferns w/thin leaved dry 2 days after they're brought home. I wish you the best of luck..Toni

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