Spiders everywhere!

rina_August 2, 2013

Spider plants that is.
My son decided to root a small offshoot/baby, and ended up with 7 large plants. Now he brought them to me, since they are taking over his smallish apartment.
I am drowning in spiders now. Here are 4 of them:

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Here are 3 more. Rina

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You have very healthy indoor air now. I have 7 spiderplant in my house. Easy to breath.

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Nice! I LOVE spider plants, but HATE spider bugs.

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Just for fun. 2 old coffee mug and 2 spider plant baby :D

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here is one i planted too deep so it only has the flower stalk connecting it to the roots. i am thinking its not that far away from being too heavy.

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Sheesh Rina. After reading the Subject, 'Spiders everywhere,' I didn't know whether or not to open. :)

The image wasn't pleasant, but the Message body has a happy ending.

Your son has a green thumb. Takes after you....

Your new additions are stunning, but where will you place 7 huge, healthy Spiders?

Did your ds keep one? Or were all handed to you.

They're really nice-looking, Rina..

Elkay, your Spider is pretty, too.

Fin, a great experiment. Hopefully, you added something inside the cup, so your cute, Spider babies don't sit in water.


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Ou jeah. I do my homework :D I think they gonna love it......awhile. Then I must give them better place to grow. That is not a proplem. Thanks.

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