Fiddleleaf Fig got scorched!

oneleafAugust 9, 2010

I learned the hard way this weekend that the Fiddleleaf Fig does not like direct sun!

I normally have the plant at an East facing window but once in awhile, take it out to the south facing patio to do a thorough watering and let it get a bit of sun in a shaded corner. It was a cloudy day so I did not worry about it and left it out for the afternoon as I went out to run errands. Came back 3 hours later and the sun was in full force. 3 of the leaves got completed brown and curled. I cut them off with sterilized scissors. Many other leaves have brown spots and one is quite brown and curling.

Will the plant survive this OK? Will the brown spots clear up or are these leaves doomed? Any special attention I should pay to it in the coming week or two?


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

If the plant is in good health & was growing well, it should do fine. Actually, in your neighborhood, August should be the month when its vitality peaks. That statement is not a guarantee that all is necessarily well, only that given a healthy tree, your tree prolly has more energy reserves in late August than at any other point in the growth cycle. If the tree is stressed/struggling, it puts a different face on the prognosis and speed of recovery.

No matter the cause, the brown spots will not mend themselves. The only way to rid the plant of unsightly foliage is to remove it. If the plant has sufficient energy reserves, and isn't too root-bound, it will replace the leaves you remove.

It doesn't require any special attention, other than your diligence in trying to provide the most favorable cultural conditions you can.

Good luck.


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Thanks Al,
I did remove the unsightly leaves. The ones that are slightly burned look good enough to keep. I can't say whether the plant was healthy or not other as it was purchased only 2 weeks ago. I can say that it was doing better than it was the day we bought it (until it got scorched!). I guess we will see! I might cut a few more leaves off now that I know the brown spots are permanent.

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