dracaena warneckii blooming!

DoctorKAugust 12, 2011

I recently noticed that after moving my dracaena warneckii into "my plant room," that utilizes artificial light to provide illumination, I noticed that a bloom was coming out of both of the tall ones!

I got this plant recently at a farmer's market, and the plant was used as an interior landscaping plant that pretty much outgrew it's space.

The bloom is spectacular, and I read online that it almost never blooms in an indoor setting.

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What kind of light do you have it under? Fluoro, HPS, MH?

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I have quite a few DW's but have never had one bloom. Can you post a pic? I would love to see it.

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Doctor, congrats on getting your Warn to bloom. Are the flowers frangrant?
I've seen other Dracaenas flower, but never Warbeckii. Toni
A pic would be nice.

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