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ShelbyBirdAugust 1, 2012

Hi All,

Even though I'm NOT a newbie to the world of gardening and keeping house plants, I need to call in a little help with this one. I cant seem to remember the name of this plant- I know it's one of the most common houseplants ever, but its' name simply escapes me! I thought it was a Ficus.... but it doesn't match the pictures of ficuses that I looked up online. HELP! I can't learn how to care for it unless I know what its' name is!!!!

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Schleffera arboricola is its name.

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Yep, Schefflera Arboricola, sometimes known as Scheff. Compacta. Used to be known as Heptapleurum, some of my old staff still call it this.

Common name is Umbrella plant, which it shares with a plant called Schefflera Amata which has much bigger leaves.

If you can get your hands on the variegated version S. Gold Capella, they are lovely, and buck the trend by being stronger plants than the plain green one (in my experience).

Drinks a middling amount of water, likes a fairly light spot. More cold tolerant than the books give it credit.

Prune it by just cutting a cane back once in a while. The leaves develop a dusty film on them so really benefit from a wipe, BUT are quite fragile so wipe with care.


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I can vouch for its cold tolerance. Years ago, a local fast food restaurant was going out of business and getting rid of their plants. I hauled out a big specimen--too big for house. It overwinters now in a cold garage w.o. any problems.

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SJ. I picked up a baby Scheff, 2010 that has gold foliage. If I post a picture can you tell if it's S. Gold Capella? Unfortunately, it's isn't variegated, 'I WISH' but it has gold leaves.

Njoasis. Which state do you live? What's the coldest it gets there? Toni

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Not heard of a completely gold schefflera.

Most variegated variety I know of is S. Trinette.

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