dracaena care tips - lighting requirements

newbienewAugust 8, 2010

I have three dracaena - lemon-lime, compact Janet Craig, and spiked tri-colour. They're all in a north window inside the home. They're in four-inch pots and are still fairly young. I always water my plants from the bottom, rarely the top.

I've checked the internet for care tips but am a bit confused by the contradictory advice about lighting requirements.

I want your opinion if these plants do best sitting on a north window ledge or can they thrive four to eight feet from this window with an occasional boost from the nearby fluorescent lamp.

I suspect these plants don't like direct intense afternoon sunlight.

Thanks as always!

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Personally I find mine do best directly next to an East window. I found that much less caused the growth to become less compact and the colors to be not as vibrant. Much more than that though I think would cause some nasty sunburn.

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I only have a north window, unfortunately.

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Newbienew...Where abouts are you located? I would imagine that since Bunnygurl is in a Zone 3 location, that her plants could handle the less intense sunlight compared to a zone 9-10 florida or something. I was under the impression (though I could be wrong) that variegation in a plant means it needs more sunlight that a standard variety would. That being said...the lemon lime and the tricolor could probably handle being right up beside the north window. As for the compacta I would put it a foot or two away from the window. This book a have with me says that if its a northern exposure and you can read comfortably in the day time, then thats fine light

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I'm either in a high zone 5 or a low zone 6.

Actually, what I need to know is how far I can keep the lemon line and tricolor from the window.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my post!

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