Stuff just sitting around...

rock_oak_deer(8b TX)March 22, 2011

Is now a wreath for the shed!

The long view

The plate is attached with a springy plate holder to a flat basket and wired to the grapevine wreath. Everything is misc. stuff I had already from various junking trips.

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I love the wreath with the garden theme.

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Rock Oak Deer,
Hey, for stuff just sitting around you have created a very nice piece of garden art for your shed!!! Looks wonderful on your shed door. The colors of the plate compliment the color of the door. Good Job!!

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Hi Shirley !
this is really cute ! You should bring goodies like this to the swap !


p.s. I sent you an email or two case you haven't checked.

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The plate is great it makes it a stand-out. Is that chaulk board paint on your door? That would be a cute idea too.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Very cute. I'm impressed that you just looked around and then made it!

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rock oak deer, that is a really nice wreath. I love it. You found a great place to show it. Thank you for sharing. - Marylee

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Thanks everyone, you're all great! I get so much inspiration from this site and it's fun to share ideas.

I bought the plate for the farm scene and colors. Since it didn't work for a plate flower or totem I had to come up with something else.

The door paint isn't chalkboard paint, but it is similar color now that you mention it. The shed presents lots of good GJ opportunities. I'm going to mosaic some stepping stones and do mirror windows for it too.

Patty, you must be feeling a lot better now and I hope cruising over here to GJ helps keep you from getting bored! The GJ album is fun too if you haven't seen that. There's a recent post with a link around here somewhere. I checked my mail now too.

I might have some projects for the October swap, I've been collecting junk for a year and it's beginning to come together now.

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I love this!! I might have to try something similar if I can find the materials to do it. It would look great on the side of my house facing the vegetable garden.

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Cute, rock deer...I love those grapevine wreaths & this winter I added wood decor to the middle of one was a Secret Santa gift on this forum a few yrs it! I esp. like how you used the plate & the 2 terra cotta pots w/raffia on this one. Looks like a great garden shed, too! Jeanne S.

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Great job! I love it. I never thought to put a plate in the middle of a wreath. Now I will be looking at all those grapevine wreaths at thrift stores a little differently. I love how the little garden tools match your plate. Keep those garden junk projects comin'!

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LOVE, LOVE IT. What a wonderful design for a wreath. I bet something like that would sell FAST at craft booths.

I have got to try and make myself one, if I find a plate. This is just totally delightful. The ideas on this Forum are nothing short of amazing to me.

By the way, this will have to go in our GJ Misc inspiration album. Its a keeper for sure!

hugs, Karen

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It makes a very nice addition to your garden shed door. Glad you had the stuff on hand to complete it! Jan

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Thank you all so much. I had fun figuring it out, but for the most part it just happened. The idea probably did come from wreaths I'd seen with wood items in the middle. The plate was .99 at the SA store and so were the little tools. They happened to be there on the same day as the plate so I saw the connection right off. The only item purchased specifically for this project was the plate holder and I used my 40% off at Michael's for it so it was super cheap.

I bought stacks of those little terracotta pots at a garage sale years ago and I always have stuff like raffia and baskets sitting around.

This one won't be sold for sure. The grapevines are from the farm in PA where my husband grew up.

I have been thinking more about this idea of making things to sell, swap, or give away. It would be hard at this point since almost everything I've picked up on my junking trips so far has special appeal to me because it works in my house or garden.

I'm not sure I could follow Mary's Whimsies example and pick up randomly cute things to put together without wanting to keep it all!


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Marlene Kindred

Cute, cute, cute! Love the plate and the garden tools! Great idea for sprucing up a shed door.

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Shirley, I agree about wanting to keep stuff. Especially if things used have special meaning. I've always just made things for myself, tho would gift to my family or friends if I thought anyone wanted some of it. None do tho. LOL Guess that's a good thing since I like my stuff.

hugs, Karen

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