Ficus Robusta - drooping leaves

agadAugust 18, 2010


I have a ficus robusta rubber plant that is looking a bit sick. It came with three healthy branches and was fine for a couple of years. Then about 6 months ago one of the branches shed nearly all its leaves and appeared to die. I cut that off and the other branches seemed ok.

Now the same is happening to another of them. The remaining branch is growing really well and producing new leaves rapidly. The other is drooping and not sprouting new leaves.

The plant is in a huge pot and lives in the lounge, so should get enough sun. Does anyone have any suggestions for how i can save the drooping branch? It would break my heart to have to cut it off.

Thanks for your help

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

My best guess, going only by the odds, is that it REALLY needs repotting - a full repot - not just potting up. Depending on your watering habits, it might be too wet, or might be so root congested it has dry spots in the roots, + all the other negatives associated with tight roots. A high level of soluble salts is also likely if you're not flushing the soil when you water. Hard to say, but it does sound like time for a makeover. ;o)


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