Any plans for selling your art?

a.girl.named.max(4a)March 11, 2011

I'm wondering what plans people have for selling their art this year.

I'm looking forward to the opening of the flea market season starting May 1 but May seems so far away! I think I might try some items on consignment in an occasional shop. The occasional shops in my area have started springing up everywhere.

What are your plans and experiences?

Thanks much,

A girl named Max

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puggranny(Zone 8)

We have trade days near us on the first Sat of the month- I go there alot to but stuff for my yard so I am planning on going in April and see if my stuff will sell.

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

I don't sell mine, I either keep them or give them away as gifts.

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

I'm like nmgirl, I keep most of mine and give some away. I went to a antique type shop and the owner was very snobby! She said she didn't like anything glass (totems) but she wanted my stained glass ornaments............she didn't get em!!

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chelcass, Good for you. What I hate about consignments is the percent commission you have to give for placement and they make no effort to sell for you. Besides at a large flea market you'll see many times the potential customers.

I can't seem to sell anything but then I don't try awful hard.


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I did a few flea markets last fall. It was interesting that most of my sales were to other vendors before the flea market opened for the day. I also traded some of my pieces for other items. Bonus was I had a great time doing it but it was a lot of work. I'm hoping to find other venues.

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I sell in front of my home- we are near a recreational lake, and now a new casino-

Just started a flea market in Casino Town- in a store front

and at a Craft mall-

I'm more than addicted.

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I 've considered selling some at craft shows & flea markets. I have a question about the plate flowers, when you make these to sell, do you use the spoon backing, pvc elbow, hockey puck or what? and do you include the poles with them, or just sell the flowers?


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I drill the glass- much much much more secure-
I used to lose sleep worrying about my flowers coming apart when someone bought them...
and I cut a ten foot copper pipe into thirds for the stems.

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We do Farmer's Mrkt...we love doing it on Sat. morn' runs from May -Oct so we just choose the ones we want to do ...usually 2X's a mo...we've learned to go only "good weather" days.

Our GJ is recycled barnwood mainly ... bdhses, feeders, old barn doors w/added GJ...& I do photography cards also which I sell very reasonable...most of the printing I do myself & assembly.

We take a few garden veggies (like rhubarb/apples)...not much & some potted plants (hen & chicks)...& our booth just adds another dimension to FMrk! If you enjoy talking w/people, it's fun! & I'm always pleased when someone buys something for their gardens that's we've recycled. Here's an Oriole feeder that's very popular (my DH has refined it a bit since this original one) ...we are always TS'ing for the glass custard cups for inserts:

Here's a link to some "Barnwood Blooms" that I've done:

and a sample pic:

The main thing for us is that we enjoy making the products tog & we have fun at FM! (no commission there...just flat fee for the summer!) Jeanne S. ...have fun, max!

Here is a link that might be useful: Jeannespines Birdhouses

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