I finally found one!

Lamora(4)August 9, 2012

Hi All you green thumb people you!! lol, Good mood I am in, take it while it is here, never lasts long with me.

Anyway yesterday I actually got to go to HD and look-see what they had. I have been looking for a Donkey Tail, Mule Tail, whatever you want to call them, for a long time now.(tag said both names and Hybrid, me being not too smart have no idea what that means-- lol)

I finally found one! The cashier thought it was kinda pricy, ($5.00) and I told her I've been looking for one for a while now, she said that may be the reason for the price~ low demand? But I didn't care. I wanted it. Here is my new addition to my family~~

I think he is purtty!

Marjie~~ a very satified person right now :)

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Feels good doesn't it!
He is very purtty. Note that we
said, 'he'. lol

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yep-- Feels GREAT! and yes, he~~ (he let me look) hahaha

He said his name was George, so I guess he is "Handsome". ;)

thanks :)

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You're right...handsome.
I was wondering how are your spider plants doing?

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Enterotoxigenic00~~ hi, My momma spider plant is ok, she is getting new leaves in, on top. Still no new shoots tho. But she has been thru a lot these past few months and I think she may need a bit more time to get better. I was looking at some pic of her when I first got her, she was so pretty then. I am hoping to get her back there.

Thanks for asking :)

I do have a question tho, will the new growth "push" out the old leaves? there are so many cut off brown leaves ends. I was just wondering if the new would get rid of the old~~ in time of course. Will she get back to where she was? or will the old burned leaves always be there... I love this plant, I love them all. But this Spider is my first baby. She's kinda my "special" plant. But you couldn't tell.. could you.. ;)

Marjie~~ hopeful

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