Hercules Hybrid carrot

spartan-appleOctober 31, 2012

Every year I grow Royal Chantenay carrots as the soil in my

garden is very heavy clay. Composted horse manure (free at stable) has helped keep it loose and well drained but the soil is shallow. My yard is basically a terrace as the lot

is carved out of a hillside. Luckily the lot is near the top of the slope as water drains downhill.

This year I tried growing Hercules Hybrid carrot instead.

The flavor is excellent and the short stumpy carrots fit my

soil profile well. The color of the roots is a nice bright

orange. It is much improved in flavor and color over Royal


The only bad news is that the carrot tops are super short!

I have never seen carrots with such short tops. I feed the tops (and some of the roots too) to my pet rabbit. This year she didnot get many tops.

I commend the the plant breeder who

introduced this hybrid carrot but will switch back to Royal

Chantenay for the future as I really need the tall tops.

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Unsolicited advice: have you tried a raised bed?

I put one in for my carrots last year and it made all the difference.

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The only way I have been successful with growing carrots is in a raised bed. Threw out the packet & can't remember the name, but I planted ones that are short, stubby carrots & can tolerate drought. The seeds were Ferry Morse seeds. Works great for me. I get everything from great big, fat carrots to little tiny, perfect carrots. All with big tops on them. We just got a rabbit this year and I am glad that he will get the tops. Before I just put them in the compost. My grandsons love to "pick" the carrots. So I wait for them to come harvest for me.

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