Wok the Dog

tinfoilhatMarch 31, 2013

A buddyâÂÂs wife dropped off a cultivator disk (made in France) and a couple of u-bolts and asked me to make her a wok (Chinese/Japanese) so she could make chile rellenos (Mexican). The cultural clash was too much for even my tinfoil hat covered mind and spawned this scene.

Wok the dog was a 30 minute creation, he is a caulking gun with 4 engine bolts added for legs, a piece of steel strapping for ears, 2 steel punch outs for eyes, and the plunger rod cut out and welded back on to form a tail. Sprayed black then misted with copper spray paint.

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

Arf ! You can almost hear him talking.
Wok the dog. Very clever. Small but lots of personality.
I used to have a dachshund like that. In fact he was built a lot like Wok.
Nice job on the real wok. It looks great. The u bolt handles look like they work out good. .
Now, if you will please pass the chili rellenos.....

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Yes make chili rellenos & that will be 1 little "hot dog" On other hand he looks very alert & might be a great "guard dog" to watch over fish pond! Nice work! Jan

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Marlene Kindred

Wok the dog! Hahaha! Very clever. He's a cute puppy too! But I LOVE the cultivator disc...so much more interesting than the plain ones around here.

You are just too clever tinfoil!

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sorie6(6b ok.)

You've done it again. Your art always makes me smile. Keep up the good work! TFS.

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Wow, we have got to get a look in your brain. It works on overdrive. Great job as always. You have so much imagination. If you have too much, send some to me please. Jeanne

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Beautiful wok and what a lot of personality in that little dog!
Dh and I were just in So Utah and AZ for 2 weeks and I ate chili rellenos every chance I got! I didn't know you made them in a wok.

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LOVE the dog!

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LOL! Wok the dog ... love it! Wow & what a wok! TFS! Jeanne S.

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