frustration rant!!! :)

raforMarch 21, 2011

Okay, for the past few days I've been itching to get going on garden plans, yard art and outside decs for the breezeway and patio. Just the normal signs of spring fever, right? And now it's snowing!!! What the heck??

Okay, I'm done :)

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Oh My....We will be having temps in the 80's all week......can I ship you some?!?!?!? Seriosly I know how frustrating that can patient warmer days will come for you soon! In the meantime keep thinking how much fun you will have when those days finally reach you.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Yup Im with you! Its snowing here too - about 40 miles to your north. And I was so excited when the grass started showing through the snow this weekend!

I'm planting seeds in recycled plastic containers (like milk jugs) and setting them out. Have you heard of that? At least I feel like I'm gardening!

Check it out. I did a bunch of containers this weekend and last. Garden web also has a forum about it which I haven't visited. do you belong to the NH Plantcycle yahoo group? That is where I heard about it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Milk jug green houses on utube

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And we were working - shirt sleeve - cleaning up leaves etc. just last month. The Apricot trees went to blossom and
BLAM! last night 3" of snow.

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Yep, those teasing temps last week were evil!

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No snow around here because my husband bought 50 lbs. of salt a couple of weeks ago. I was so excited when I saw the robins return last week. They are better sign of spring than a groundhog and his shadow.

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luna: on the news last night they were talking about all the people that went into stores looking for snow melt and such, but all the stores have switched over to the spring gardening stuff and no one had any snow related products. Funny. Now they are talking about 6 inches on Thursday. Not funny.

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Marlene Kindred

So sorry it's more snow for your part of the country...we don't have that, but I do understand your's certainly happened in VA before too. The temperatures have been teasing us for the last three day it's in the 70's and the next in the 40's. Pretty crazy, but at least we know spring IS coming!

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

We have four seasons here in southern NM, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Wind.
We're well into Wind now, lovely upper 70 degree temps, sunny and at least 30 mph. wind. And for an added treat, throw in sand and dust. The dust was so bad the other day the sky looked orange, the sun was a dim dot in the sky and we couldn't see the mountain range that's only 15 miles away. True grit.
Some days we have gusts over 50 mph, those really rattle things. Make sure your patio furniture is tied down and take down your bird feeders, the wind cleans them out. The only garden junk that doesn't blow around are the bowling balls and concrete stuff. If those get airborne we'll have real problems.

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You are RIGHT on the money, nmgirl!!!!We have the same kind of weather here in southeastern arizona. Right now the farmers are getting their land ready for planting and the dust is flying fast and furious. The wind is so annoying!! This kind of weather is not conducive to doing ANYTHING in the garden. I hate the way the fine dust gets into EVERYTHING, no matter how tightly closed you keep your house. Hopefully in a couple of weeks things SHOULD settle down, it's not quaranteed, but we can hope. We need a good rain. It is kinda funny and sad when you see your neighbors patio umbrella frantically sailing through the air and him just as frantically chasing it!!!!!! He got it and no harm done!!

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Here in Washington, the only difference between winter and spring is the temp of the rain!! Today I actually see the sun!!! Happy dance!

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I had high hopes of getting some kind of garden in couple of weeks ago when we had such nice weather but then I knocked my very hot cup of tea into my hip & all the skin came off, so so much for gardening(tetanus is big worry) so no gardening but now that it is doing so well even tho I did some things books say you shouldn't (zinc oxide works wonders)3 brands of non stick pads all stuck-ugh) I finally got my peas,beans, tomatoes, zucchini & onions in. Need to get some strawberry plants as most of mine froze. Getting a little more rain so things should do well. Jan

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

Rain? What's that?

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NM girl, Rain is strange stuff that we are actually getting some of this year!! Thought it would be going off your way, think we have had 4 storms since 1st of year. 7 in. on last 1 so should end our drought especially when area we get our water from has 51 in. of snow on the ground they said tonight. Supposed to last until some time fri. Hope it doesn't wash all my seeds & plants away. Have a bunch of flowers I got from Home Depot this morning as pansies were 99cents 6 pack & needed some verbena(love it) & other plants to replace stuff that froze, hope it doesn't freeze again.Usually by this time it doesn't but never know any more. Filled my rain barrel so I'll have some good water to water my new plants. I'll blow rain your way!! Jan

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

Please do, we could use some! The upstream reservoir that is used for irrigation is so low that some of our farmers won't be able to water their fields this summer. And the fire danger is terrible, not only in the mountains but also out on the flats and mesas.
Our dew point has been in the negative numbers.

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I know how you feel , been trying to go outside for weeks but everyday looks great out but Cold! It is crazy here one day last week 70 something for one day then very cold, windy and some snow, and its Spring. Though tell it to the plants my lillies are growing, buds on trees,etc, did see a Robin and the Blackbirds are back and they come in the spring, maybe they know something we do not But I have not cleaned up the yard Yet :( / :(

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