Help with my corn plant

grice(z5 Michigan)August 29, 2005

I bought this last year(12-18)and it had been a very lovely plant.

It was in a 10 inch container and I upgraded to a 12.

The tag said that it was a low light plant so it has lived about 6 - 7 feet away from the window. About three weeks ago it started to brown at the leaf tips and last week started to turn severely yellow on the leaves on the lower cane.

I checked for insects and found no evidence of them. I checked the roots and they seem fine.

Whats going on here?

I did not want to repot as I was told that it should not be done this time of year.

I have decided to put it outside in a shaded spot where it will receive bright light(not direct sun)for a couple of weeks in hopes that it will bounce back.

Should I discard the plant? Repot(smaller pot)?

Also if it does recover,should it be placed closer to a window?

I would hate to lose this plant as it was the first one to do well for me once I decided to start kepping houseplants again after a very long hiatus.

Any advice is appreciated.


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johnh_or(Portland OR Z8)

Did it start after you re-potted it? Corn plants like to go almost totally dry between waterings. It is also normal for lower leaves to yellow and drop off as the plant grows. Though the tag says low-light, this just means it will tolerate it. It will grow much better in bright light. Outside should be good for it.

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I had a nightmare with the first one and lost it. The second one I have is doing fine, "Thanks to this board."
I think they can be a bit touchy, about the light, watering, etc. I have mine in a bright light but not in the direct sun. It is like so many feet away from the window.

I use water that was left standing for a couple of days or distilled water. I give it a sip, and not often. I say sip to myself, because I killed every plant by over-watering.

I am sure others will have a better idea, with their hands-on experience.

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I don't know what it is with corn plants, but yrs ago when I'd have one it grow like a weed..I haven't had one in the last 10 yrs that lived. The last had mealy...I didn't even bother treating it, I dumped it..the time before that, it just died. And they say Corn Plants are one of the easiest plants to grow..NOT.
I do not consider CP's to live in low-low light..they need sun, like any other livign thing. I wouldn't place a CP right up against a west or south window in mid-summer..Instead it'd go a few feet back..but if in north or east, then it'd go right in front of the window..CP's living 10', from a window in a dark corner won't do.
Yrs ago, I had a CP, it's cousin Janet Creig, and a Yucca..
All were over 17 yrs old..Well, had to go in the hosptial, and dh was too lazy to bring indoors..they all died to frost. Let's just say he and I didn't talk for a long was still a teen when I got these plants, and all were young.
I also had friends who bought the same plants I did, at Saxon's Hardware Store (does anyone remember Saxons?) and all thier plants lived, too..corn plants were easy to grow..Something's happened to corn plants between now and then..
I remember the corn plant did best w/a smaller pot. Once I was going to repot this monster and what do I find? One long root..that was it..Thorough watering and letting soil dry, and bright light.

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grice(z5 Michigan)

No John,I repotted when I got it home last year(I know I should not have done so)and it seemed fine til recently.
Pistillio,I thought I was being careful about the watering. I would only water when the soil was dry down to about Two inches below soil line.
Toni. I am just about on the verge of following your lead and tossing the poor thing myself!
I get so discouraged when I buy an "easy -to -care for" plant and have terrible luck with it.
Everyone(including everything that I have read) tells me corn plants are so terribly easy to care for. That is turning out to be baloney in this case.
If it shows no improvement between now and season's end,it's outta here!
Thanks to you all.

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Grice, when you checked the roots, did it have 1 or several? If you're serious about keeping it, then I'd underpot, unless roots were crowded..just something I do..don't know if u want to mess around with it..

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Grice, you don't need to discard this plant. If anything, it is easy in the fact that it is a survivor. When I had mine in soil, I swear this plant would go for marathon periods without water. They are extremely susceptible to overwatering, which leads to root rot. Don't overpot, they don't need a lot of room. Don't put it too deep in shade - they like brighter light but not too much sun. I have mine right in front (slightly to the left) of a south/east window; it receives some morning sun).

These plants TOLERATE low light but they won't thrive in it. Give it better light, be a miser in watering and expect some lower leaves as it ages to die out (not too many and not too fast - losing a few over the years is normal). It can survive the underwatering very well but not the overwatering. I used to pick up the pot of my plant and it would be light as a feather - that's how misery I was with it about watering. Another thing this plant will deteriorate with is being placed in cold drafts.

So, bright light, little watering, no cold drafts and no over-potting. It'll be fine. Don't discard it. It will bounce back for you.

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smithjm(z9 FL)

I keep mine inside facing a south window. When soil is dry to about 3-4 inches, I water until it fills the saucer. I have golden photos growing with it also and both are thriving. It was my mothers plant and she gave it to me 3 years ago. I haven't repotted it, should I? someone told me they like to be on the rootbound side so....when is the best time to repot? here's a pic of mine.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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johnh_or(Portland OR Z8)

Naturelover has all the right tips. Mine is 9' tall and has been in the same pot (16") since a friend gave it to me....9 years ago. It has bloomed once, last year. It probably gets watered about every 2 weeks.

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grice(z5 Michigan)

Toni,it had several small roots.
Nature,I have given the plant a bit of a reprieve for now. It is outside and if it make it through the next four weeks I may keep it(if Lowes,Home Depot,or some other 'cruel' vendor does'nt tempt me with another plant). I was so careful about the watering. I would let it dry and then give it a good drink so I don't know what the heck is going on with it.
John,glad to hear yours is thriving. If it does'nt work out with mine,don't be surprised if it shows up on your doorstep.

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This is my corn plant, she is now five years old. I keep her in low light. She is near the kitchen, however away from the window. She does however, receive enough light to make her happy. I recently repotted her, and she does have a lot of roots. I have her in an eight inch plastic pot. And I don't water it at all, maybe once a month at most. She gets enough humidity so I don't have to spray her down during the winter months. She hates my water, I live in Brooklyn, NY and so I let the water sit for a good 48 hours before watering this particular plant, otherwise her tips show her sadness by turning brown. Otherwise, she is a good plant to have.

Don't overwater and keep them rootbound, they seem to like it.

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johnh_or(Portland OR Z8)

Grice.....another plant! Thanks for the offer (I never turn down a freebee) but I think yours will bounce back just fine. With all the fine tips you can get from us "plant junkies" on GW, it's a given!

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My Parents gave me one this past Christmas.I had put it out on a shaded screen porch and accidently left it out when it got down to freezing over night. The next morning some of the leaves were brown some are still green.Do they freeze?? Or can I cut the brown part and will it start to green back out???Need Help!!!!

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Its been a bad week for corn plants. I found one at work cut in half. I have the top half sitting in water, hoping it will sprout roots.

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james_ny(z7 NY)

On my corn plant when the leaf tips go brown its from underwatering. Mine likes bright light, next to west window. It's bloomed twice in 15 years, the smell is very powerful.

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Fairskyla, you have a beautiful corn plant. Thanks for sharing that with us.


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I think this message did not go through the first time because of the registration process. Apologies if it got posted twice.

My neighbor is out of town and her ceiling-high corn plant has whitish-to-brown round spots all over all of its leaves. Only one leaf is completely brown. She's had this plant for a long time, and I don't know when this started, but it hasn't been watered for a week and was dry today, so I watered it well. It's away from a window in a bright room. I'm not sure what signs of insect infestation to look for.
Any hints are apreciated!
Andrea in Oakland

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Has anyone ever had their corn plant turn brown all at once? This is my second year with my plant, and it was beautiful on my patio. I didn't have to do a thing to it! This year, it didn't like the I brought it inside. Within a week, ALL the leaves turned brown. The stalk is still standing tall, but the 'leaf bundles' (as I call them) are 'plopped' over to the side. Looks real sad.

I have the plant next to a large window, so it gets ample sun. Doesn't seem to need watering...and there are no signs of pests.

Any suggestions...or is it time to throw it out?

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Goodness, its Janury! Might help to know where you live. How did you determine it didn't like the cold this year? Any chance temp went too low before you brought it in? That too low temp is different for different plants. One overnite can do them in. Sandy

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I'm in Alabama...and the weather is unpredictable. The weather didn't start getting cold until December...that's when I brought it in. It is very possible that the chill got to it before I did.

As far as determining that it didn't like the started getting a few spots and discolorations on its leaves. I just thought that was a hint it was getting too cold. It did just fine last year?....

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I have had my corn plant for about a year and a half. It has been great until the last month maybe. I think I overwatered it. I repotted it and it has several roots. I lost one bundle of leaves already and am loosing another bundle. I still have 2 bundles that are green. Do you think there is any hope for this plant? Any advice would be great thanks!!!

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My corn plant seems to have a different figuration than most I see. The leaves - long, dark green with a light stripe in the middle and growing all along the stem, not in "tufts". It flowered once with lovely tiny flowers in stalk bunches that were more fragrant than anything I've ever had. There were two plants in the pot that came from the florist. They became sickly and had grown quite large anyway so I re-potted them individually. One ( the healthier of the two) has since died. Before it went completely, I cut off the top and the baby is doing quite well. The other plant however after recovering beautifully, has now begun to lose the bottom leaves- four at a time- and doesn't look right. The leaves are curled on the edges instead of straight and are more narrow than normal. I water the plants about every two weeks after the soil has dried out and feed them regularly. They have a mist humidifier beside them and have plenty of moisture, the room stays warm all year round. The sick plant was saved once before, this time I'm at my wits end. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

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Hello everybody! My question is not really a problem. I would like to know whether or not I can turn my corn plant stalks around for apperance sake?, all the leaves are growing on the inside and I want to turn one stalk around so that they can get better air circulation and grow a bit better. It took me 2 years to get this plant because here in Gonzales Louisiana you can't get them often and they are so expensive. In Georgia where I am from they only cost $5.00. Here i got this on marked down for $9.00 from the original $19.97 Walmart wanted. A word of advice all the plants at Walmart, Lowe's,and the Home Depot here are crap. I work for Lowe's and our buyer don't know how to choose vendors and every plant we get has to be treated for some sort of problem before they go on the shelves so watch out if you are in or near the neck of the woods.

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Would someone tell me why that is -Walmart,Lowes,H.D's plants look like crap..I was told at the Lowe's I shop at that the store manager didn't like plants so that was the reason that the plant selection was minimal and no variety

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my dog got my corn plant it now has no leaves on it.There are two in the pot she only got the one.What can I do will it regrow new leaves should i take it out of the pot or just leave it alone.I have had this plant for 2 years and it is my favorite plant.any sugestions please help in a hurry in Pa ty T

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I just recently got a corn plant from my mom because it was looking bad actually.It is root bound and it has dying leaves.Can I clip these leaves back to get healthy ones to grow back out?Any suggestions?

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Today I was watering my CP and noticed a whole stock was loose (donÂt know if my cats were messing with it) and I was able to pull the entire thing off even though it still has green leaves. Once I pulled it off the outside skin started flaking off at the same time. I looked and there were white spots that look like mold. Not sure if that is what it really is or not. I have had the plant for almost a year and it has not really done much at new leaves and not any taller either. I only water it once a week if that and it sits about two feet from the window. I live in AZ where it is hot and dry....please help any suggestions? Also can I replant the stock I pulled off, will it grow another plant?? Thanks

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If the roots and stalk of the plant are still healthy, it should resprout. This is probably going to be a slow process, and the plant will be even more likely to rot than usual for a while. Don't stop watering altogether, but water less often than you're used to. Bright light and warmer temperatures will encourage resprouting, if you've got a sunny window.

If the stem softens, or feels like the outer layer has separated from the core of the plant, then we're talking about rot, in which case see the response to Splinters81.


Insufficient information. Are the leaves turning yellow, or black? Are the leaf tips black? Are the newest leaves at the center of the rosette dying?


It is very probably rot, sad to say. There is no cure once the outer layer of tissue has separated from the core. You may be able to get the piece you pulled off to grow if there's an actual stem present (if it's a very young shoot, and the leaves appeared to be coming directly from the main trunk, it's probably not mature enough to save) and the stem is still firm. If you've still got a firm stem on the part you pulled off, I would recut the stem with a sharp, clean knife and stick it in a vase or glass or something and put it in a bright spot that does not get direct sun. Keep the water level high enough to cover the bottom of the stem. You should see roots of some kind in about 3-5 weeks; when the roots are a few inches long, pot the plant in a well-draining soil and water thoroughly, until water is running through the pot, and only when the soil is dry. Then let the soil get dry again (you shouldn't be able to feel anything damp by sticking your finger in the soil) before watering again. If you keep the plant too wet, you'll have rot again.

There may be people reading this who disagree with the suggestion of water-rooting; all I know is that I've managed to recover about seven pieces of rotting Dracaenas at home that way, and it's the fastest and simplest way I know. I expect that rooting in damp perlite or vermiculite would also work, but it's harder to tell whether anything's happening with those.

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I've had my corn plant for about 15 years, and it has always done well. I have only transplanted it once, and I keep it near a window at all times. I water it when I notice the leaves drooping.

Right now it is in front of my sliding glass door, and gets some morning/afternoon southward sun. So far I have not had any problems with it in this location. My question is about 10 feet tall, and is running out of room. Should I cut the tops off to make new plants? How do I root them, and will the origional tree stems regenerate new growth, or will it stay looking like I lopped off it's top?

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november_17th(zone 10)


Thank you for the advice, you seem to know alot.

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lali(z9, Sunset z18, CA)

Ok, I don't have a problem with my corn plants per se, but I do need some advice on what to do with them.

My mother gave me some corn plants (3 very large bushy ones) and they were about 6-7 ft tall when she gave them to me last year. Now they've reached the top of my 9ft ceilings. The plants have leaves except for maybe 1/4 of the bottom stems. She said I can chop the top 3/4 of the plant and then put that back in the soil and it should grow roots pretty easily. And then she also said that the remaining 1/4 stalk should start sprouting new shoots.

My mom's a gardener with green fingers and toes (not just a green thumb lol) and can grow anything I tell ya. But the advice she gave me was a little shocking. I'm sure if she did it, it would root and she'd have another healthy plant. Can I really take 6ft off the top of my corn plant, put the stalk without roots in the soil and wait for roots to grow? I'm afraid that it will just die on me.

What do you think? She's done this for several plants without any issues, should I give it a shot?


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My corn plant was given to me on Dec. 22, 2009. It is a memorial plant from my Dad's funeral. I live in Nebraska, and last winter was really horrible. There were like 5 blizzards that month. The CP was already in shock (according to my mom) when I brought it home, from transport in and out of blizzard temps, and I've been working to help it recover. It started with drooping leaves, brown spots, and yellowing. It still has some brown spots but VERY few then when we brought it home. I have had to remove some of its leaves (which I did from research on the internet on care and my mom's advice). My mom had also told me that it may need to be re-potted. But from what I've read on here and other sites, I am now confused. It is still in the original pot from the florist. I have attached a picture, and was wondering if I should just leave it alone or go ahead and re-pot. If I should leave it how do I know when to re-pot it?

Here is a link that might be useful: My Corn Plant- Facebook

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I'm glad that a picture was posted, I have another plant that is also called'Corn Plant' mine is not the same one, this time I don't have egg on my face. LOL Norma

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Just purchased my first corn plant yesterday. Wish I had read all this advice before purchase. My corn plant sits directly in front of a NORTH window with no curtains. Will it survive here or should I return it? I hope so...Because I have no place else to move it. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Grice, hope you're not reading this post. Never check the

Wayne...As long as you don't over-water 'soil,' your Corn Plant will do fine.
There are numerous Dracaenas..some need more sun than others, but D. fragrans, 'Corn Plant,' can live in low to medium light. Medium light is best, but since you're north window is unobstructed, 'as far as curtains,' and you allow soil to dry between waterings, no harm should come to your new plant.
In the meantime, wipe/wash leaves if they collect dust. I prefer spraying/misting but that's your choice. I find it helps with humidity, 'to a degree' and washes away dust particles.
Withhold fertilizer until spring or once new growth sprouts. Good luck, Toni

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Toni...Thanks for the good advice. I have printed your instructions and will strictly follow them. It's a relief to know that I do not have to return it.

Thanks again,

Wayne Kennedy.

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Wayne, don't blame you. if you brought home a cactus it'd have to go back, but Dracaenas, especially all green types, do fine in a north window. As long as they're not over-watered or fertilized during the darkest days of winter or other seasons. Toni

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We recently bought a corn plant in Florida and transported it to our home in Indiana. I have read everything and have been watering sparingly as not too overwater. My husband I noticed that the leaves are rolling into themselves. What is the cause for this. The trees in our yard do this when we are expecting rain. Does the plant need more water??

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Debbie, one problem...your Corn Plant may be stressed from the long journey. How long was the drive?
Next...there's a huge difference between FL's and IN's climates.

Allow your plant time to acclimate to its new environment..unfortunately, they're unfavorable conditions. From sunshine and humidity, then being confined in a shadier, less humid house.

Many people misinterpret 'overwatering.' They end up giving sips or stop watering altogether. The plant dehydrates and dies.

Water soil well until it flows from drainage holes. Before giving more water, test soil. It should look and feel crumbly.
There's different methods testing soil: Water guages, lifting pot or inserting a finger/probe into soil.

The simplest is by sticking your finger or a probe deep within soil. If the probe comes out moist/wet, wait a few days, then retest. If your finger or probe is dry, then give it a drink.

Lifting plants is another way to test. After watering, lift plant. The dryer the soil, the lighter plant will be. If it's light, it probably needs a drink and visa versa.

But, the important thing is when watering, make sure entire rootball is saturated. Watch as water seeps out of drainge holes. 'BTW,' drainage holes are necessary.'

Water in a rotating fashion. There are many factors to watering times: temp, humidity, size/material of pot, soil, but never water using a schedule. In other words, don't water every Sat, Sun, etc. Water when soils needs it.

One other thing..Leaves curl for different reasons. By chance, was your D. 'Corn Plant' in the cold for a long time period? Have you sprayed with chemicals?

Corn Plants need a certain amount of humidity. Spray leaves daily, and if possible, shower once a week, without hitting soil.
You'll notice a diffeence. Good luck, Toni
It's much eaier than it sounds.

BTW, how tall is your plant? Toni

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I just bought a Corn Plant for my office. Unfortunately, I have an office with no view. So, my question is, will my plant survive?
Thanking you in advance for the replies!!

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manda3(8a DFW Texas)

Once it gets acclimated to the lower light, it should do great. Just take care not to overwater because these guys do not tolerate wet feet.

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my corn plant sits about 1 meter away from a south facing window and just in front of a lamp. i just noticed that the tips of my leaves are brown and some are starting to turn yellow and i have removed two completely brown leaves. the leaves are also starting to curl a little. what is going on with my plant? i have had my corn plant for about 2 years and it has been in the same position since i got it. could the light from my lamp be upsetting my plant? or whats up with the brown tips and yellow and brown leaves? please help:-)

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Natasha..Have you changed or added anything since this problem started with your Corn Plant?

First, check for insects. Mealy Bug, Scale, Spider Mites. Can you identify these bugs?
Check the center of each vase..'in-between leaves.'

Mealy Bug is white, resemble small pieces of cotton.
Spider Mites are very very tiny. The most obvious sign they leave is fine webbing. Webbs look similar to common spider webbs, but very thin threads.
Scale..Hard-shelled, brown lumps. There is a white scale, too but less common.
Do leaves feel sticky?
There are other insects but the three mentioned are most common.
Mealy Bug is more likely to attack Corn Plants.

Although Corn Plants do well in bright light, south sun might be a little too harsh. How bright is the window?
Are the brown leaves crispy or soft?

When was the last time your Corn Plant was repotted? By chance, could it be rootbound?
Are roots growing out of drainage holes, or on top of soil?
If the pot is too small, and getting little water, or soil is drying too fast, this will cause brown leaves.
On the other hand, yellow leaves are ususlly caused by over-watering. Too conflicing.

When you water, do you soak the entire rootball?

Don't forget to check for insects..please let me know what you find.

One more thing. When insects are present, leaves discolor. Usually a yellow, mottled appearance. Or pale leaves.

Living in South Afria, you must see some very beautiful plants.

Good luck, Toni

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Natasha - I don't know what you might be using for soil, but the 3 most likely causes of the symptoms you describe are an accumulation of soluble salts in the soil from fertilizer and dissolved solids in your water, over-watering, or a plant that is extremely root-bound.

When you water, are you applying enough water that at least 10-15% of the total volume of water applied exits through the drain hole of the pot (the pot does have a drain hole?)?

It's doubtful that the light from the lamp is a problem, but it's possible that heat from an incandescent bulb could cause dried leaf tips & margins.

Have you ever repotted (as opposed to potting up) - how long ago?


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I received my corn plant from a co-worker who was going to toss it out due to her own neglect. Well I nursed my "palm-tree-in-training" back to health and she's gorgeous. However, she has a bad case of root rot and is only surviving on 1/2 of her one and only stalk. I'd love to cut her back and repot but I'm not sure how. Any tips?

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

You would probably want to retain as much foliage as possible and get after correcting the root issue. Bare-root completely & prune back to sound tissue. A 5 minute soak in a 10% bleach solution - then a rinse, or a dusting (of roots) with powdered sulfur would help stave off the fungaluglies causing the root rot. Additionally repotting int a soil that allows you to water freely w/o the worry of root rot will go a long way toward making life easier and improving your effort:reward quotient. After the plant regains some vitality and has some stored energy to spare, cutting back won't be the risk it would be if cutting back a weak & stressed plant.

Additional questions?


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I have had my corn plant for 29 years. I have re potted it twice.I have it in front of a window.I water it only when it is completely dry,,Probably every two weeks. I have never done any thing special with it.

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My corn plant does fine. completely green follage with the exception of a few leaves that die at the bottom.
I have had it get to ceiling heigth twice. I cut the top half or third off and then root it in water( usually about a month or two). Then re=pot the start, and again the cycle starts over.
My question is, does anyone know how to care for the "old stalk"?
I would like to see the old leaves drop off (have Not-watered for months) and get the "new sprouts" on the old cane. but the old leaves don't seem to ever drop. And does anyone know how "they" get the canes so large? Mine only gets about a 1" diameter.
Any and all responses will be appreciated.

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I have had two corn plants in the same pot for 15 years and the past five of those it has bloomed three times. It seems happy. Yet I couldn't leave it alone. I re-potted it thinking I would be brave enough to propagate it. It is about ceiling height (8') and I want to cut them off to start more. I am scared to cut... don't know where to cut and if it doesn't work I have lost a beautiful corn plant. What do I cut it with? It seems rather tough skinned. I also have the problem of the skinny stalk. Mine have a garden stake in pot and are tied to it to get them to stay upright. I need step by step instructions....I have looked on these pages and all I see are 'cut it and stick it water..or cut 4 to 6 inches and but this is not specific enough for me.
Any help?

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I have had 2 corn plants for over 10 years now. I live in SC and put my plants out in full sun (9 hrs a day) by my pool and they are thriving. They love the full son and hot weather and both are over 6 feet tall and continue to produce new growth. In winter I move them in by a bright window (with sun exposure) and they do alright (winter here is maybe 2 months) but they much prefer the hot sunny summer months.

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These are 3 Delaware Blue heirloom corn plants in the same hill.
One looks fine but other 2 have issues. How can one be fine but other 2 exhibit deficiencies--or could it be an herbicide?

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Vervaen, the "corn plant" people are talking about here is a nickname for a houseplant that just happens to look like a corn plant. It's not actually the same species as the kind of corn plant that produces edible ears of corn. You'll have better luck if you post your question on the vegetable garden site. Link below

Here is a link that might be useful: Vegetable Gardening

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Vervaen, the "corn plant" people are talking about here is a nickname for a houseplant that just happens to look like a corn plant. It's not actually the same species as the kind of corn plant that produces edible ears of corn. You'll have better luck if you post your question on the vegetable garden site. Link below

Here is a link that might be useful: Vegetable Gardening

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