Hi Al! I'm Not Finding The Post...

cactusmcharrisAugust 31, 2011

...where I think I say your (1) outside galactic plant table (2) possibly the plans for same. I've got a powerful hankering to build something similar for my plants (for next year's outside growing season, because this one's almost over). Can you share them with me?

Thank you very much,


The below is what's cobbled together from old saw horses and boards, but if there's one thing I like more than plants, pots and top dressing, it's permanent outdoor plant infrastructure. Much obliged for the assistance.

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....where I think I saw your....

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Here's a couple of pictures that sort of reveal how they go together.

Construction materials:

- Pre-formed poly-planks in 12 & 16" widths (but I can tell you how to use treated lumber in lieu of if ur interested)
- 4x6 posts
- 2x4 bracing
- 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 3/16 angle iron
various length #10 plated deck screws


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Those poly planks would likely be quite expensive, particularly up here (where everything's more), so, yes, please, the wooden treated planks - treated fir up here isn't too expensive and I've got about 1000 #10 plated deck screws. I'm guessing the angle iron would be along the spine only?

Thanks again - that's just wonderful arrangement, both in terms of structure and content.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

You can see how the superstructure keeps everything level. All you need to do is make sure your posts are plumb and an appropriate distance apart. In the US, the angle iron comes in 16" lengths, so I'm guessing you'll have it available in 5 or 6m lengths and prolly 4x4x.5 or .6 cm. Instead of using the poly-planks, just space the angle iron with the open parts facing (like opposing capital 'L's) to whatever width/depth you'd like your 'shelves' to be (30-60 cm?). Then lay the pieces between the angles with appropriate spacing (3-5 cm?) between to allow for free drainage and air flow.

With the materials on-hand, you could easily build 3 of the 5-6m set-ups pictured in a day or two. DO make sure the posts are set well below frost line. Mine are more than 10 years old & show no signs of deterioration yet. I climb around on them all the time when I need to.


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How considerate of you and your metric ways (I'm slowing getting used to it, but I grew up in the US and am still functioning most of the time in that setup)! And for the most part, BC is less stringent than Quebec in going metric-only.

Yes, I do see and am enjoying imagining you crawling around on them (especially if they have plants on them at the same time). Do you have a picture of that you could share with us?

I think the frost line here is 1 m / 3 ft and I still have a very serviceable digging bar. The rest of the materials are certainly available and I know someone in the iron trade who can direct me to the rails.

Thanks again, Al.


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