propagating dracaena

riptidefrogAugust 21, 2007

I have just recieved about 3-4 feet of a warnekii (sorry about the spelling). I plan on cutting this stem into smaller sections and rooting the cutting directly into soil.

The original that i will be working off of is devoid of leaves except for the top 5-6 inches which i plan on rooting upright. For the other sections that i am rooting i wonder how long to cut each section and i dont know whether to root them sticking up out of the soil or try rooting them on their side, submerged beneath about an inch or so of soil.

Does anyone have any input that they can give me?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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If you have a big enough section of cane, you could try doing both -- stand some up and lay some down. (Just a thought.) I don't know that it makes that big of a difference to the plant.

I haven't grown any Dracaenas from cane sections, but I've done Dieffenbachias and Yuccas both ways, and this is how both methods have worked for me:

Stand-up seems to root faster.

Lie-down will start new growing tips about every two inches, which is exciting, but then some of them will die before they develop any actual leaves, which is depressing. So it's definitely the method if you're into emotional roller coasters.

Stand-up is top-heavy until the roots develop.

You have to go to a little extra trouble with stand-up to make sure you're not planting the cane upside down.

Stand-up will get you more total plants, probably.

Lie-down makes plants look fuller earlier.

Lie-down is slightly more difficult to transplant.

On balance, stand-up is probably the more sensible way to go, but since most plants won't do the lie-down method, I'm always tempted to do it that way. Just because I can. The recommendation I always see in books is to use at least 3-4 inches of cane, whichever method one uses, but I suspect that is a little excessive. Two inches should be fine, as long as there's a few nodes present. I've seen Yuccas and Dieffenbachias both start new plants from 1 1/2 to 2 inches of cane.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply.

I have alot of the cane so i have placed the cuttings both horizontially and vertically in different pots. i can handle the emotional rollercoaster, i live for it.

Any idea how long it will take, i have no personal experience on rooting these or any other cane forming plant.

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With Dieffenbachias, something's usually visible within a couple weeks; Yuccas take 4 to 6 weeks before I can tell something's going on. I'm guessing your Dracaena will be more like a Yucca than like a Dieffenbachia, so figure about a month.

I'd be willing to wait for three or four months, though: as long as the cane feels solid, you still have a chance that it might take.

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Ok, here's an update!

So its been about a month now that i have been rooting the warneckii cuttings and they all seem to still be alive. The buds have been swelling to some degree one both the upright and horizontially placed cuttings. Just this week the buds on the upright cuttings did something unexpected. I expected the cuttings to develop on the outside of the cane but instead the outside of the cane itself has split right at the buds. The buds are still swelling but nothing resembling stem or leaves has emerged yet.

The horizontially placed cuttings are still alive but i uncovered them, leaving about half of the stem under the soil. The ends of each of these stems is looking mushy but it is the upward end and the same end of the upright cuttings are all dried up. I figure that since it isint spreading things are prolly fine.

But now i am excited/impatient for them to put out those leaves!!

Does anyone have any experience on how long it should take from this point to get leaves? Im just talking ballpark here. If i know that it is going to take another 6-8 weeks then i can probably stop checking the cuttings first thing in the morning when i wake and first thing when i get home from class...i'll probably still check though.


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