ralph31558(z8GA)October 27, 2009

Can someone tell me how to store radishes after picking,when you go to the grocer you can go to the veg. isle and grab some radishes and they look to be very fresh, but when picked from the garden,if you store in the frig, or if you leave on the kitchen counter the will wilt in just one day.What is the correct way to store?

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You can wash them, cut the tops off and put in a jar or bowl of water in the frig. This keeps them crispy for a few days but no longer than a week.

I grow them all winter long and just pick a few when I need them. If you are in a very cold area I would bet you can grow them in the winter with a little protection such as a fabric or cold frame?

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Thank you Rudy, ill try that. I live in southeast Georgia, and i could probably plant until the spring.

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When you grow them in your garden, just pull up as many as you need right away. Why store them?
To keep them fresher after harvesting, they need to be kept very cool and humid(to prevent drying).

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tomncath(St Pete Z10a Heat 10)

I grow only icicles but after cleaning and croping them I put them in a ziploc and store them in the vegbetable crisper and they stay crisp for 3 weeks.

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Can I start growing radish now in my zone NJ-6 or is it too late? That is start from the seeds. Night temp is mid 40's and day temp is low to mid 60's.
Thanks in advance.

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bagardens (Ohio, Zone 5b)

I store all my root crops (just like tomncath said) in a ziploc bag in the crisper. If you just leave them sitting in the fridge or anywhere else they will dry up, I would imagine the grocery store ones should do the same thing. Who knows though, I would hate to think of why they wouldn't.

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jmhewitt(8a Coastal NC)

with store radishes, I put them in a store bag along with a wet paper towel, twist the bag closed, and put them in the vegetable keeper in the fridge.no cleaning and greens attached....have had no problems with 7-10 days storage...


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laceyvail(6A, WV)

Fall Asian radishes--Daikon, Green Heart, Red Heart, etc--keep for weeks and weeks in the vegetable drawer of the fridge.

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