Distressed Plant Rack Finds

cr491August 15, 2013

One of my go-to places for houseplants has been the "distressed" plant rack at Lowe's. I'm usually in there for something else, and decide to check out the sale racks, and end up making an impulse buy. Interestingly, a couple of these have been my longest-tenured plants.

The most recent purchase was a hypoestes. One of the first things I did when I started packing for my recent move (about two months ago) was to re-pot some plants in need of fresh soil and plant some cuttings. Of course, I ended up at Lowe's to get soil and pots, and there it was...dead looking and 75 cents. The cashier looked at me like I was nuts. However, after a generous trimming and re-potting, it's now doing gangbusters! I'd like for it to get a little bushier, but considering I once thought the odds were against its survival, I'm pretty happy.

When I first got it home - June 14:

After a trim - June 15:

Looking a little happier in its new home - June 16:


Please share your own plant rescue stories!

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Wow! When I saw the first picture, I too that you were a little crazy! lol

But it is turning out to be a beautiful plant. I couldn't even tell from the first pic what it was!

TFS, neat thread.

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I second that WOW !!!!

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Calvin Ragoonanan

That plant looked like a sure goner. You have awesome green thumb.

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Thanks, all! Sometimes I think I'm better at bringing plants back from the brink than keeping them thriving long-term. :P

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eaksqueak(PA 6a)

I like this thread. Lowes is good about discounting their older plants. I got some of those tiny cacti marked down to around 50 cents a piece last fall. I'm not sure they were ever technically distressed. (How do you distress a cactus?)

I don't have before photos, but one of them produced an offset. :)

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The cati are not in the worse shape coming from a big box store looks nice over all, but they are well on there way to a more stressful situation in the soil you have chosen Best way to think of it is to make them feel at home from the roots to top problem is your home isn't there home.

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