Got new junk incl windmill blade

threekittens_iaMarch 12, 2011

Bought this a couple nights ago (pic is of it on house of person I bought it from, not mine). Its in sections now and as you can see one section was missing and several of the blades are in tough shape. I'm thinking of hanging 3 sections together on a fence (9 blades) and then the other 2 sections (6 blades) on a side of my new/old barn siding garden shed. Not sure yet.

Went to a sale today and bought a smaller metal barn/shed vent ($20), concrete chicken with 3 chicks (only $5 for the 4 of them :) ), concrete basket of kittens (also $5), and then ended up buying a larger cupola. Paid a bit for it but I think a fairly gd deal considering what I see them priced at. I live in town. Came home with the cupola to find elderly lady across the alley in her fenced back yard looking over towards where I'd unloaded the windmill sections this morning. They are sitting along a fence. Next to my metal chicken nests. I rarely see her out and have never said much more than Hi to her. I told her I was starting a farm. :-/

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Oh gosh, sounds WONDERFUL! Lots of goodies! Can't wait to see them put to use in your gardens/fence! Is the barn/shed vent like this one I put in a new garden last summer? I can sit here at my computer & see the wind spinning it way out there!

Of course, there's NO LILIES BLOOMIN' right now! Darn!
Those windmill blades are magnificient! I am in envy! TFS! Jeanne S.

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

Oh My! What an awesome find. Sounds like you got some great items.

Hmmmmmm I wonder if your neighbor grew up on a farm and they used to have a windmill for drawing water. Might be bringing back happy memories or not! :)

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threekittens, you made some really good buys. That windmill fan is gigantic. Let us see it when you are done.

Jeanne, I like your vent. Now that I could handle in my yard. - Marylee

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Good haul....can hardly wait to see what you do with the blades. Sounds like you really got some nice items at good prices.

Jeanne, your vent looks great. I would never have thought of grouping it like that

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Jeanne - No, its not a spinning vent but I like those and your stuff is always arranged so neat. This is sorta a smaller cupola type vent. I wondered about using a spinning vent like yours (top round part) upside down for a hanging planter last summer but never found one. And maybe that wouldn't work if I actually saw one up close.

I went outside and took some pics. The one with the windmill is my parent's shed. They live a couple blocks from me. Someone we know (& her sis) had a "repurposed items" sale a couple yrs ago. Lots of cute stuff. She had the other half of a windmill blade up high on her barn and the other half for sale. My mom bought it. Its in much nicer shape than the one I just got. Soooo, my idea is not at all original.

Little birdbath $5, chick family $5, cupola, duck & goose from C.L. purchase at $5 each a couple weeks ago, concrete kittens $5, smaller roof vent (the green/yellow paint has got to go!), windmill on shed at parents

The misc. statue things a guy near Omaha had ad for lots of free stuff last weekend. Cleaning up damaged, misc. stuff from his concrete statue business. I also bought a couple of cute gargolye statues from him as I could tell he was hurting for business. Put them on each side of my front steps but now I think they are too small so gonna have to find them a different place and keep searching for something for those steps.

Now if Jeanne could just head south and arrange all this stuff somewhere in my yard. ;)
I'm not so great at that and she seems to have a real talent. Plus my job is going to keep me waaaaaay too busy for at least the next year starting pretty soon. :(

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threekittens, you certainly got some wonderful buys. I like them. The windmill on your parent's shed looks really neat. Thank you for sharing. - Marylee

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Lots of goodies! Vent looks like it should be a birdhouse! Looks like you have quite an assortment of "farm animals" great that they don't require feeding! Will be fun to see what you do with them. Jan

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Those are some really great finds!! I love the vent!!!


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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

wow! You really did well.
The cupola and vent are beautiful. Can't wait to see what you do with them.
The cement statures are great. And there are 3 kittens, how appropriate.
The windmill is quite amazing a dramatic.

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Thanks for adding more pics! You did bring home the farm!!! Good for you! Looks like you're going to be very busy! The cupola & vent are my fav...but I am really lovin' that idea of windmill blades on the shed...looks great! TFS! Hope we get a little nice weather before your job becomes way busy for the yr! You'll do great! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

OMGosh....I am drooling all over my keyboard!! If only IA weren't so far away from might find some of your loot missing one day! LOVE them all...the statues, the windmill blades, the turbine and the many great treasures! The one with the ball on top is totally cool!

Thanks for sharing with us....I am totally green with envy! Can't wait to see what you do with them, you will have to post more pics!

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I love the roof vent and the cupola!!!!!

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I love your concrete statues just the way they are. The chipped paint adds character. I always thought it would be fun to have pieces of broken statues lying under plants or hidden in the flower bed. Almost as if they were remnants of a long lost civilization. The fan blades are really awesome. Make sure you post pics of them once you have them situated. The roof vent and cupola are very cool too. I have seen things like that for sale but wasn't sure where I'd put them.

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