wooden laundry baskets

sorie6(6b ok.)March 19, 2011

I've got two of them and no Idea what to do with them. Don't need them for laundry!

Couple things that have been suggested are putting in garden laying on side to look like flowers grownig out of them and using for blankets.

Thanks for you suggestions

Image link:

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I have some, sorie, that I use to store dug-up bulbs over the winter in.

But, I also love seeing these old baskets filled with that moss liner stuff & beautiful colored blooming Mums! Of course, the basket won't last but probably a few yrs out in the weather...but they sure are rustic looking. Maybe they could be in a vignette sitting at the foot of an old ladder or something. Whatever you decide, have fun & share pics! Jeanne S.

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My garage has wood paneling we put on years ago in a walnut color(real wood, not paper) so I had to dress it up & mounted a huge American flag, with torn corner carefully turned under, then some nails high up for my baskets, 3 baskets 1 large, 1 half bushel, I think maybe that is what other 1 is too,some old baskets, a few old yard sticks,(like yours!) think someone stole my handmade wooden lunchbox so I put things higher up now. Lots of compliments on the old baskets & of course the barrel that sits on the floor. Other stuff too. I love the old stuff. Probably needs a good cleaning as still get some gunk from fire couple years back, when wind blows hard. So decorate your garage!

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I have a couple of those. Sooo cool! I filled them with neat pinecones and placed them under our country covered porch. :o) Bear Hugs! Kirk

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They would be pretty planted or the idea you were given to turn them on their side to make it look like flowers are spilling out of them (I've seen that done with wood half barrels). Around here they are referred to as bushel baskets used for picking fruit and vegetables.

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Those bushel baskets with the labels intact would sell for a good price at an antique shop or flea market. I'd line one with plastic and sit a big fern in it on my porch.

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