Hoya Rubra plant (wax plant)

RhondaLee1August 24, 2011

I didn't see a forum for this plant. It is kind of rare, I think. Anyway if anyone has one, maybe you can answer my questions. I have had one since March and it looks healthy and beautiful. No blooms but the verigation in the leaves is lovely. Anyway, it barely grows at all. I fertilize once a month. And water rarely. The webpage said to saturate and then let completely dry out. This plant never dries out. After a couple of weeks, I always go ahead and give it a splash of water. Is is normal for this plant to need watered so rarely. I would include a pic, but haven't figured out how to put a pic with my post yet. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Rhonda & welcome,

There's a Hoya Forum just next door (see the top of this page). Since I participate there as well, I'll refer you there for future use, but start you out here.

Sorry, this Hoya is lovely but not a rare plant, it's actually quite common (these types anyway, that can be bought locally).

They're not the fastest growing plants, depending on the type, sounds like you've got the KP (Krimson Princess) w/ the variegation towards the inner part of the leaf, which Exotic Angel (the nursery who grows/distributes these) insists on calling Rubra (I think due to the red stems, rubra means red).

Not sure which website you saw & are referring to, but "saturate" is likelty to be a problem. Part of the problem, is that if these plants are from Exotic Angel (EA for short) they never dry out & we often (those at Hoya forum) have a problem w/ their mix, it NEVER dries out.

The once month fertilizer is fine, but the drying out is an issue. Ordinarily, I water my Hoyas about once a week, in summer perhaps a bit more depending on the particular Hoya (there are many kinds & many of us find collecting them, quite addictive). FYI: they're not the fastest to bloom (at least not for me & many others I know at Hoya forum).

Pls. Go to Hoya forum & look around for Hoya KP. I'll let others inform you how to post a pic, gotta run.

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