sick money tree brown leaves and falling off Help

lebdlb78August 8, 2010

my daughter gave me a money tree last year it is growing but at times the some leaves will turn brown and dried and fall off. but I keep getting news one two . I water once a week till I see the water come out of the bottom I don't fertilized it, and I repotted it this past spring . I have it in a window where in the morning I get sun and , it is growing tall but I just don't know how to stop the leaves from turning brown and falling off at times. If you can tell me what I am doing wrong, I do move it in the winter because in Mass. it does get cold ,but in the spring and summer I put it on the table near the window for light and warmth. I also ws wondering if it is getting to hot near the window. I keep my AC on during the summer where it has been so hot and humid outside, Please help PS: my money tree is not braided

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

It is normal for the older leaves on Pachira to yellow, brown, and fall off.
If the *tips* of the leaves are browning, this usually indicates over-watering.

The type of soil you used will determine if the issue is over-watering.
What type of soil, and how large of a container?


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Josh you read my mind. Norma

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