Coulter blades - what to make with them?

luvs2clickMarch 29, 2013

I was given several of these no-till coulter blades by a farmer friend, and I have no idea how to implement them (pun intended!) into my garden or my garden shed. I had planned to sell them at my upcoming garden fair, but I am assuming people will need a little prompting what to do with them(like myself!). See the picture below and imagine it pretty rusty. Bear in mind I am not a welder and have no way to make fun creatures or anything of the sort, or join things to them to make flowers, and also bear in mind these things are QUITE heavy. I was also given some rotary hoe blades and those look quite lovely standing up in the garden, but this one has me stumped. Ideas, please? Thanks! Arlene

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Are they heavy?? If not take one with you to the store and find some nuts,bolts and washers to fit and something for a stem and put them in the garden as wind spinners.

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Yes they are very heavy! I don't think they'll be spinning!

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I was building a wok from old rusty notched disk today and my ears are still ringing from grinding and hammering. The disk is dish shaped and that may have something to do with its acoustics that your flat blade may not have but here is a little thinking out loud that doesnâÂÂt require welding.
Hanging dinner bell/gong with a steel or wood hammer to strike it with.
Wind chime, hang a couple close together on a long steel cables so they strike each other as they twist in the wind.
Gun target, tape a piece of paper over back of center hole for bullâÂÂs eye. When you can put 10 for 10 through the paper at 300 yards without clanging the disc youâÂÂll be ready when your neighbors storm your house with pitchforks and torches because of that obnoxious dinner bell and wind chime.

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I see it attached to top of post or pole & if edges could be drilled & something dangling down like wind chimes. Base for planter on short pole. Row just leaning against shed either rusty or cleaned up & painted like flowers. Jan

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

Well, I keep looking at it and it keeps saying lily pad. You could set it right on the ground (or up on a brick or 2 if you needed to raise it), among some pretty groundcover or sedum to look like it was floating and set a resin or cement or iron frog on it.
With the holes in the middle it makes it easier to figure out if you wanted to mount it vertically on a pole, flower style, without having to use too many tools.. Think nuts and bolts, like a u shaped bolt. Go to the hardware and look around, they have all kinds of things that can be useful if you think outside the box. lol.
Personally I like it just like it is. Love the ruffled edge.
I hung up a big round saw blade and it does make a great wind spinner, always twirling. You could get to be an excellent shot trying to hit that hole.

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Looks like a flower to me. Even though it's heavy, you could attatch it to a pole or a fence. You could paint them different colors and add embleshiments. Please post pics so we can see what you did with them. Can't wait.

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I wish I had some of those pretty curly edged ones.
My cultivator blades are either flat or concave with
straight edges.
It could be a beautiful flower of some kind, whether lying, or hanging, with or without hanging attachments.

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Update on the blades - I didn't get around to making them into anything - just took them to my sale as is in their rusty glory. Someone offered to buy them all and I took them up on it. He was going to use them for stepping stones/walkway for a wet area of his lawn/driveway. I never would have thought of that.

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anita(z5 UT)


I would've used the center smaller holes for hanging cords, attached some kind of cups around, and used it for a candle chandelier. I just love candles, so I lean toward candle holders.

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they make good bases for bottle trees and other "art"

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