Help! New Fiddle Leaf Fig Owner

erinthAugust 5, 2013

Hello all, new member here -

I bought my first little FLF tree today from Home Depot. Now that I am home with it I am at a stand still. I am hoping someone can help guide me in the right direction!

I have been reading about under watering and over watering. I have stuck my finger down about an inch from the top and through one of the holes at the bottom - the soil is not completely dry, but also not damp. I am thinking I should water it, but how much water? Is it okay to give it water from the faucet or should I stick to distilled only?

Also, the pot it is currently in has two plants. There are two separate stems with branches and leaves. Would it be best to repot each of these into their own containers or leave them together? Also, is it too early to repot since the plant is still so small?

I have high hopes for this little lady. I am a first time plant/tree owner, so please excuse my naiveness. :-)

Thank you in advance for any advice you may care to share!


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Second picture

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Shoot. I am not sure why the pictures are coming out sideways. Sorry about that.

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Happy belated birthday and welcome to GW! :D

Had one of those before and I seem to remember it being underwatered more than the others while I had it and it didn't seem to mind. As for water,if you can collect rainwater and use that whenever you can,you'll be doing alot better than city water. Reverse osmosis would be the next option(I've never used it though I've read it to be so).
There are lots of threads around this forum about the care,upkeep,problems etc of this plant and I would encourage you to delve into them a bit because some seriously brilliant minds have been kind enough to put in their two cents there.

This place is awesome like that!

Oh and don't worry about the sideways pic...happens around here all the time! LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: Threads with valuable info!

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neither humans nor plants should consume tap water if possible. distilled should be cleaner than ro water but I imagine it varies quite a bit by brand. if you use tap water you can let it sit out and the chlorine should evaporate out, but that still leaves a variety of poisons.

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it's customary to plant 'sev sticks' together, since this type does not branch easily, even if you cut off the tip - most likely it will produce just 1 bud. so, to keep the bushy appearance do not separate.
distilled... LOL I have 150 plants - I use tap water, straight from the tap, no sitting. and my ficuses are all totally fine .
i have very hard water too somewhere from central jersey.
oh, i avoid drinking it, it's nasty...for sure.

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