But--but--it just jumped into my cart!

cmwren(Mid-Atlantic Coast, z7)August 27, 2010

Honest! Why on earth would I want a second Philodendron selloum when I have only had my first one for a couple of months?

Perhaps because it was on sale for only $9.99? Perhaps because the poor thing was stuck in the middle of store far from any water source, and its shiny brand new leaves were already turning yellow...? (Oh, the horror!) What else could I do when the poor thing showed such a will to live???

Okay, your turn. 'Fess up! What has followed you home lately?

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I have like three leuchtenbergias even though I don't usually buy multiples of the same plant. I bought two of them at the same plant show, even. They're all kind of different, though. One's sort of small and very green, other one's bigger and more glaucus, and one's a little bit etiolated and forming a bit of a trunk.

On the other hand leuchtenbergias are the coolest things.

Also bought a crown of thorns recently because it's some cultivar with *huge* leaves and I hardly see those anywhere.

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Nice looking plant. Just the other day I had a peace lily and a ribbon plant jump into my cart so I've adopted them and will give them a good home LOL

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