Self-watering pots.

cmwren(Mid-Atlantic Coast, z7)August 27, 2010

Not just for African violets! (Mine did better in little glass candle votives, anyway.)

Ooh, nice new leaves, growing largeÂwhat a happy plant, now that it isn't sitting un-watered in full sun in the outdoor section of the department store. Well worth the dollar I paid to rescue it While pondering how to keep these ferns alive in a dry house over the winter, I finally hit upon an obvious solution.

Not just for ferns, eitherÂ

Voilá! The fittonia, who had wilted flat on me at least three times over the winter and once when out on the hot deck this summer, loves having its feet constantly wetÂ

What other plants do you grow in self-watering pots?

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That would make sense. While I tend to think a lot of plants would stay far too wet in a self watering pot, there are plenty of ferns that freak out if they get wet at all. Realistically I should probably put my Blechnum gibbum in a self-watering pot although even more realistically that doesn't really qualify as a houseplant and I need to get around to setting up an actual terrarium.

Anyway, I have a Ponytail palm in a self watering pot. That's not really an appropriate pot for that kind of plant.

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cmwren(Mid-Atlantic Coast, z7)

Ooh, wow, that tree fern is a really neat plant. (I'm a Googling fool today! "No, Wren, no! You have no place to put a terrarium." "But [says the devil on her other shoulder] you have the 55 gal fishtank with no fish in it! It just needs emptying and scrubbing..." "No, that's for the nine inch shubunkin stuck in the 35 gal tank that is too small for it...")

Wow, my Beaucarinas are some of the most forgiving of my plants about being neglected and underwatered!

I understand that plants can be as individual as animals, but really, it would be nice for novices like me if they grew by the book! *lol*

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