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Lamora(4)August 30, 2013

Hi, don't know why, but when I respond to a post, it comes up 2-3x, and I cannot undo them~~ so sorry for the confusion, I hope that I can either figure it out, or it fixes itself soon-- very annoying to me..

Marjie-- NOT a multi tasker!! lol

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That's been happening to a few people. I got a triple post yesterday. First there was an error message that there'd been an internal server error. When I managed to get back to that thread my post was there in triple. You can use the edit feature to delete the contents of the extra posts, but you can't get rid of the posts themselves.

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I had the same problem, it posted my answer five times, I think...I did edit the repeat posts, but found it so annoying that we cannot remove a post entirely.


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In a way the "novelty" of the restriction from one's own post deletion capabilities strikes me as being a preventative measure as people might feel more inclined to say things they don't mean and then run back and delete it all away. In short it makes you have to be more accountable for yourself I guess.

Editing(actually relatively new to GW) leaves evidence that something was said before so it's not near as potentially damaging as giving the power to a member to delete entirely.

Just a few of my thoughts on all that. :)

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My posts got doubled only once so far, and I know why. It happened when I reloaded the exact same URL from browser history.

I posted a post, read a few others, then I remembered I wanted to see something in a post I've read recently. From the browser history window, I picked one gardenweb URL, saw that it wasn't the one I wanted, picked another, nope, not that one either, then one I pulled up was the URL of the thread where I replied a few minuted prior. When I eventually found the thread I was looking for, I thought to check the thread where I posted, and sure enough, there was a double of my post.

Edit to add: I think doubles can also be posted when you post something, then click the "back" button in your browser. That is essentially like reloading the page as well.

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