Schefflera 'bud' broke off - can I use it for propagation?

_Tara_August 5, 2012

My Schefflera (Amate?) fell over from a gust of wind, and one of the new "buds" of growth broke off. The growth was shooting out of the top of one of the main stems where I had previously done some intense "pruning" (read: hacking). I have down-sized my Schefflera this way before, and it always rebounds with fresh growth at the cut. It should be noted that we recently had a serious heat wave (temperatures from 103-110 DAILY for two weeks or so) that the plant seemed to survive, but perhaps the new growth got dehydrated or something. The bud that popped off seemed to do just that - pop right off. It looks/feels dry at the node it fell off of, though the bud itself is very green and soft.

I am wondering if the "bud" can be used to grow another Schefflera plant, perhaps in the way that other cuttings can be used for propagation? (I have never had success propagating this plant from cuttings in the the past though...)

Pictured are:

// 1 // the original plant (now temporarily stabilized by some other pots - I know the plant needs to be repotted in a bigger container);

// 2 // another bud similar to the one that is now broken off;

// 3 // what broke off, in a shot glass of water until I know what to do with it; and

// 4 // the top of the shoot where the bud broke off from.

Please let me know if there is anything that can be done with this "bud." Thank you!

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Tara, by 'bud,' I'm assuming you mean cutting or broken piece of stem???

The piece that broke isn't very large. Normally, to root Schefflera, a 6" cutting is recommended.

How tall i s your cutting?

If you'd like to try, it's simple.

Remove all but the top two leaves.
Place cutting under water then dip in Rooting Hormone.

Pot in well-draining soil.

Water soil.

Place in brightly-lit, no direct-sun spot.

Is your house dry or humid? If dry, as from a/c, place cutting (pot and plant) in a clear plastic bag. Cut slits for air ventilation.

Last, wait.

August is not the best time to root certain plants, but since the stem broke, might as well try. What's to lose.

Good luck, Toni

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I agree with Toni. Except, it's a tropical rainforest plant so if you keep it warm then it won't slow down. Tropical plants generally only slow down if they get dry, or too cold. So it doesn't really matter how late in the 'season' it is, just give it warmth, moisture and sufficient light. Good luck.

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Tropic..Tara and I live in the midwest. Some plants root easily throughout the year, but during gray, icy, arid winter months, 'although rooting can be done,' cuttings take longer to root.

Of course, if one has access to artificial lighting, roots will/can grow quicker.

Once gas heat is turned on, air dries..humidity, 'at least in my home, dropped as low as 5%. I have three hygrometers to verify the percentage.
Schefflera, being a tropical requires humidity. Of course, humidity can be controlled, too.

It depends on the amount of effort one wants to exert.

I'm not talking about Tara, you or anyone on GW, but there are people who should stick to plastic

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Awww, that's too sad. I don't think anyone should stick to plastic plants. Everyone can grow something!

Tara, no reason not to try, which it looks like you were anyway. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

You never know what can happen! Sometimes just one leaf can grow a whole new plant. Hope you'll let us know how it goes, either way. Good luck!

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Purple, lol.

I worked at two green houses.

Customers would come in and ask for a plant that would look and remain beautiful..PROBLEM, they wanted a specimen that required little effort..some thought watering was too much

Or they'd want a Cactus that would thrive in a dark corner. lol.

Let's see..a plant that never needed repotting..'they didn't want to dirty their finger nails.'
Forget fertilizing.
Water, once a month, if that.
Buy a 4" plant and had me transplant in a 20", ceramic container.

Believe me, there are some better suited w/plastic. lol.

Is your Coleus rooting on its own like a Kalanchoe or Epi?

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Not LOL, just sad.

If you'd like to start a thread about plastic plants, that's cool, but it seems like an odd thing to say in the middle of someone else's discussion. And if you aren't talking about anyone on GW, why say it at all?

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Purple, I do not find it necessary to justify what I said. Thank you. Toni

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Have a great day!

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Toni, I know what you mean. I guess not all things are meant for all people. There's some things some people say I'm hopeless at but if I'm not really interested in them it doesn't matter. But on the cutting, I was meaning that it needed the warmth, moisture and light kept up to it. At this stage it's a do or let die situation.

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Hi Tropic,

Exactly. I agree. If a home has the light, moisture and warmth, rooting during winter months might fool the cutting.
At one point, I tried rooting every cutting that broke or was left from pruning, in spite of the time of year. Some made it, others didn't.
Not these days, too many

Wonder where Tara went?

Tara, did you root your Scheff cutting? If so, how is it doing? Toni

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