Weird Transition

Will07(5)August 12, 2013

We have 2 of these at work that have both turned a bright red. They are beafsteak begonias.I stuck them outside in the sun because they had mealies and I figured the plant would just burn up and die and then I could throw it out. Both have turned this bright red colour. They almost look like they came from that planet from the beginning of the new Star Trek movie ;). I'm going to assume this new colour is from direct sun and possibly a lack of nutrients? However if it lost that much nutrients I'd think the plant would be dead. Anyone have any guess?

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Here's what the healthy ones look like.

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dellis326 (Danny)

Just cut the plant off the rhizome and clean it off, clean it and repot it in new soil.

My guess is that the red is from the sun. Beefsteak might be a reference to being red like a tomato.

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That's wild!

I assume the pests were effectively controlled by mother nature(the one thing that cured my scale issue). I can't say enough for the power of the food chain. There are so many hungry predators out there!

If you periodically "recharged" the red,it would be neat to exhibit them side by side as a conversation piece. :)

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