Please help me ID and what to do next

Enterotoxigenic00August 21, 2012

This is the pot of cacti I acquired from a neighbor.

I noticed them in her side yard for a year or so

now. They were yellowish brown and wrinkled or

shriveled. She gave them to me, I was about to

toss them out to use the pot. But then I thought

I should water them first to see what would happen.

I had them since Mon. 8/13. You wouldn't believe

the change! It even has buds now and flowered this

a.m. white and pink. Of course very pretty. I think

they may be echinopsis?

What do I do next? I have them away from other plants

just in case they may have 'something'. I believe the

damaged parts are (hopefully) from being dried out for

so long, or partial dead? Do I remove it?

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Yes, I in error posted it here, just now posted on C&S (took me forever)!
But would like any help. Thank you in advance.

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