Tool & Mail Box Recycled

jeannespinesMarch 1, 2013

I bought this mailbox (painted black & vinyl lettering on it) for $5 @ garage sale last summer with the intention of trying some 'license plate' art on it (inspired by lindasewandsew on this GJ forum). Here's how it came out!

When Spring has 'sprung' enough that the frost is out the ground (now about 10" snow there), then my DH & I will add a post out in my Secret Garden where my log swing is & I'll put a few handtools in this mailbox they'll be readily available for digging & weeding. :-)

A friend from this forum sent me some license plates & I have purchased some @flea markets so I hope to do some more license plate art. I did learn that my hands aren't strong enough to 'snip' the tin ... but my DH had a jigsaw blade that would work. He also taught me how to use 'rivets' .... cool! Nuts & bolts would work, too. Jeanne S.

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Great job! :) What a good idea to have a safe place to store some tools so they are handy to where they are needed! :)

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Good job! I love the liscense plate things.
I know what you mean about not being strong enough to snip!
There are several things-Gallon can lid 'flowers' plus-that I would
like to make with tin snips.
I have 2 of the large mailboxes, one that belonged to my In-laws, and mine that was damaged by the construcion crew that was building across the road last year. They are both full of things.
Paper towels, plastic bags, white vinegar (for ant bites) trowels, gloves, cutters of various kinds etc.
Really helps to have things close, since there is a house between my house and my garden.
I always like what you make anyway!!!!!

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Love the color, makes the "plates" show up so nicely! Will keep you out there 'weeding" & enjoying your Secret Garden longer this summer! Jan

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AWESOME!!!! I made one also...without the cool plates work, but what I found when I reached in, was EARWIGS!!!! Ewww! Perhaps I will get a can of raid and spray the inside...cuz I just wont put my hand in there now!!!!ha!

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Marlene Kindred

Looks really cool Jeanne!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Wonderful! Now I want one too!
(without earwigs)

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Thanks, GJ'ers ... eww, earwigs ... I think I may 'spray' it once in a while. ;-) Jeanne S.

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oldgraymare(4 WI)

Great idea! Looks awesome too!

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