slotted spoon flowers

textilejo(5b Nova Scotia)March 22, 2011

I have been going through my stash of beads and wanted to do something for the garden.

I bought these slotted spoons and put the beads on shower curtain hooks and then wired them to the spoon. The picture does not do them justice!!

They are so sparkly sitting in my flower pots with the sun shinning on them.

Image link:

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AWESOME!!! They look beautiful! Could you give us the exact directions on how you made them. I'm sure there will be more of us that would love to make them. If you don't mind copycats???? I bet they do look really neat sitting in your flower pots. What an idea!!! Thanks for sharing such a neat idea with us.

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They're gorgeous!!!!! I'm amazed at the creative processes that people come up with.

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Those are a marveleous creation. I would also love instructions. I have a few potted plants. Thank you for sharing. - Marylee

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You're lucky you have sunshine! lol! It was raining all day here. Bleh! Love your slotted spoon sparkles. What a great idea to bring some color and bling to a spring garden.

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I really like those!

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WOW...those are so cute. I'm with Laura, its amazing what people come up with me. I never have creative ideas, thank goodness they flow abundantly here!

hugs, Karen

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Great idea especially for the small space gardener!! They turned out really cute! Jan

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

You are very creative!

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textilejo(5b Nova Scotia)

I don't mind sharing at all!! My gardens are full of the wonderful ideas I have found here:-)

I bought the spoons at the Dollar store. They are flat, used for a type of strainer I think. I then put beads on shower curtain hooks. These hooks are perfect because they look like a petal of a daisy when you get the beads on. Only put the beads on until you can close the hook.

I then used wire to tie them to the spoon. I cut a circle of plastic from a milk carton and glued sparkles on it and wired it to the center of the spoon. This covers up the space you left bare on the hook and fills in the center of the flower.

One of the spoons in the picture has a wooden handle. That is the first one I made using a spoon that I had to flatten out. I was so excited when I found the already flat spoons. I bought all 10 of them and of course the gal at the checkout looked at me funny, LOL

I loved to shop at thrift stores to find the beads and other magic ingredients for my garden creations. I bought a huge bag of all sizes and colors of beads for $5. Nothing like a great find to make the mind spin with ideas:-)

Good luck with making yours and be sure to share pictures!!

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What an excellent idea! I've got a lot of beads that I bought at a GS, so I may give it a try.

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textilejo, thanks for telling us how to make those beautiful spoons. Another new project to look forward to making. What a neat, and creative idea. They would make wonderful mother's day gifts for grandkids to make!!!!! Hmmmmmm!!!! Thanks much, again.

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Marlene Kindred

Great job....and so cute too! Thanks for sharing with us!

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Shower Curtain Hooks??? Wow, another thing I'd NEVER have thought of using, and I use to do a lot of beading.
You are just full of good tips, LOL, and I need them.

hugs, Karen

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puggranny(Zone 8)

Thanks for the info on my list of things to do!!!!!

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Thanks for sharing how you made those lovely flowers. Guess I better go check my dollar store cause I sure have lots of beads needing to be used!

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I got the last 3 spoons they had that were similar to yours that are called "Skimmers" by Cooking Concepts at our local Dollar Tree Store. Looked all over & didn't find any shower hooks but I think I can use 24 gauge wire for the beads. Jan

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textilejo(5b Nova Scotia)

sunnyca, I tried making some with wire and they looked ok but not the shape I was looking for. I did find out that not all shower curtain hooks were made alike or the same size, LOL One kind I had were fine until I got them wired on the spoon and 1 by 1 they came unhooked and it was a bead explosion all over the floor!

On the spoon with the lilac beads I strung the beads on those wires that are used on floral arrangements and pinched them together.

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Looked and looked. Can't find spoons or shower curtain hooks. Seems the only hooks we have around here are the fancy ones with doodads already attached to them. Thanks again for sharing with us. Will keep looking!!!

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thats so cute. i bead also so i'll have to give this a try

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OK, I made 1, forgot to get a pic & it still needs a center. My friend loves sunflowers(& loved this) & when I started looking at my beads I had a lot of tri-beads in amber & rust colors & 6 mm beads in rust so then had some gold glass small beads. I used 20 gauge rust colored copper wire by Darice sold at Joanne's in 8 yard rolls in jewelry section. Have all colors & different gauges so 20 is good as pretty stiff but can pull on it to tighten with pliers. I secured wire at bottom hole. Wire was about 2 ft long(don't worry you can add more if needed). I ended up with 13 petals as my skimmers seem to be larger than ones you used. Mine is 12 1/4 in long & bowl is 4 in. across. After wire is secure on 1 end add 8 gold glass beads(Joanne's has tubes that hang on wall & I used gold ones from "Rubies & gold" glass beads" after your 8 beads are on add 1 rust6mm bead,1 amber tri-bead,1 6mm,1 rust tri-bead,1 6mm rust,1 amber tri-bead,1 6mm rust bead &8 more gold beads that is 1 petal- now make sure the beads are tight together & twist once or twice so none can go to back(you are making a flower so you want petals on the side that sticks out the most as center will be the brown part of the sunflower(seeds area)when you have it twisted you will take that long piece of wire & go through the area near where you twisted it & make it tight going to back of bowl & up through next hole & repeat around the bowl. Mine has longer holes as it gets toward the top so on each side I had to put in 2 petals in that long hole. Continue around & if you need more wire add it by securing to 1 you already have or to spoon bowl. Then I bent each flower tip in towards the center a little as the petals don't just stay out all the time. Now who has a great idea for the center?????I suppose I could get brown glass beads & put them on wire & coil them around in the center. Any other ideas??? DD & her DD are going to be having a wonderful time in Wash. D.C. so can't get her here to put pic on. Hope this makes sense! Jan

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