Old sofa frame - ideas for it?

bonediggers(8b, Gladewater)March 16, 2007

I got this old sofa frame back in 2004 and since then it's just sat outside and aged more. I really want to do something creative with it but I'm not sure what. I'd like to use some plant I already have rather than buy more but am not sure if that will work. I have carolina jessamine, bridal wreath, and lady banks roses all growing like gang busters and thought maybe I could use those. I also have many herb seeds I could get started and use those plants in some way. If anyone has ideas I'd love to know them! Thanks

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I would stand it on end and use metal fence posts to tie is to. See the bedsprings on my website that I have used for trellis'.


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bonediggers(8b, Gladewater)

Oh, that's a great idea! I love yours! Should I use a wire brush to scrub it clean or just use it as is? Thanks.

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amyinms(9 coastal MS)

Are the spaces wide enough to hold a pot with a lip around the edge? Maybe you could pot the different herbs into the rows and maybe train a vine on the arms and back

I love the trellis idea too!

Amy in MS

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gardener64(zone 5)

Someone has a pic of a sofa in their garden
they recovered it a couple times and then put it in the garden

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bonediggers(8b, Gladewater)

amyinms, thanks for that thought, too! I'll check that out. :) Thanks for the ideas, all. :)

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I would love to see you leave there and use the frame for a topiary frame! I think it would look really cool with plants winding and twining around the frame!!!!!! A sofa topiary!

I wanted to do this with a wood chair frame I had, but DH took it to the dump before I could touch it! lol

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kalona511(z8b TX)

Oh my gosh, I have that same sofa frame. I got it and a matching chair frame from Freecycle. Mine is also rusted, but still quite sturdy. I plan to paint them, get some cushions for them and put them on my patio. Did you see the post about the rusty bench? Someone said that you can use Rustoleum right over the rust. I'm going to try that!


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janein(5a IN)

I have an old frame very much like yours. I found it at the curb a couple of years ago durning our annual heavy trash pickup. I painted my green and added some cushions and used it on the patio for the last couple of years. I told DH yesterday that I was going to put it at the side of the house and let my wild flowers grow up through it. Of course he told me I was crazy...but that it where it is going!

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bonediggers(8b, Gladewater)

Thanks for more ideas! And yep, kalona, I just read the thread about the bench. What a beautiful item! Much nicer than my sofa frame but I'm going to think of something to do with this thing. It's been sitting outside for 3 years and it's high time I used it! :)

I'm still trying to decide if I want to scrub all the paint and rust off or just the loose stuff or what. I like the rustoleum idea, though.

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If I had a frame like that I'd paint it up nice and put cushions on it.

It just depends on what you're in need of.

Which do you need more: nice outdoor seating or a trellis?

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bonediggers(8b, Gladewater)

Melvalena, actually I need both! I don't have much of a yard. Oh wait, I have almost 2 acres but none of it is maintained or planted with anything of my choice, etc. There are a lot of pin oaks near the house and in the back but none up by the house. The yard area we fenced a couple years ago has nothing but weeds and a few daffodils growing in it. I think it's because there are so many leaves on the ground nothing can grow! Yesterday and this morning were spent raking up years, literally, of leaves.

We've owned the place right at 9 years but haven't done much with it. I'm really at a loss what to do. I'd love to have a cottage garden but the soil isn't good and I'm not sure what to do. Right now I'm trying to get the yard cleaned up so that I can see what I have to deal with. lol Sad but true. ;)

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OHHH! I just saw your thread over in the Texas Forum and posted in it!


With all the work you're going to be doing out there, I'd suggest you make a nice seating area to rest in and enjoy looking at what you've accomplished. You're not ready for vines yet. :)
You have sit and relax and look and study what you're going to do next. So I'd say go for the seating!
And find something for a table to hold the sweet tea and prop your feet up on during those rest periods.

OH and you need one of these too, adult sized!

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gardener64(zone 5)

The old post was
some of my junk from jan 19th
she has a sofa she plants in now
bumped it up for you

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bonediggers(8b, Gladewater)

melvalena, I've decided to use the sofa frame as a planter. I think. lol

I have an old bench that I might rework for seating but I do like the planter idea for the sofa frame. Since it has no bottom in it, we'll have to make one but that won't be too difficult. :) I do need a swing.. now I have more to ponder.

Gardener, thanks for bumping that! I like it. :)

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